I started Bizain in 2018 with the sole objective of helping entrepreneurs & business owners.

The internet today is filled with business advice & tips that don’t make much of a practical sense.

I wanted to change that.

As an entrepreneur running multiple businesses, I understand that business articles need to be SUPER-HELPFUL & PRACTICAL.

So, that’s how the idea of Bizain (Business{Biz} + Gain) was born.

The essence of the idea was to help business enthusiasts with starting, running & growing a profitable business.

Within a short period of the launch, Bizain has earned thousands of fans from across the globe.

I love interacting with entrepreneurs & solving their problems. That’s what makes me happy & motivates me to contribute more.

While growing up as a child, I was always surrounded by entrepreneurs (since most of my relatives were into business). Those experiences perhaps ignited the entrepreneurial passion in me. I always wanted to be one like them.

It’s time to give back all that I have learned over the years.  Bizain exactly helps me do that.

Some interesting & random facts about me:

  1. I’m a qualified Chartered Accountant
  2. My friends call me a “book-worm” (LOL!)
  3. I love Biriyani
  4. I had a short job stint (1 Year) before starting up
  5. I’m an introvert
  6. My first startup failed (miserably)
  7. I’m 5’7″ & 65 Kgs
  8. I spend a lot of time on YouTube
  9. I miss Orkut (Good old memories!)
  10. I’m single
  11. I’m 29 years
  12. I don’t drink or smoke
  13. I love watching cricket
  14. I got a rank in my college (Ravenshaw University)
  15. I sleep a lot (usually wake up at 6:30 AM)
  16. The first time I went on a public stage (in school), I literally froze.
  17. I start my day with a cup of tea

Here’s my Twitter & Quora. Though I’m not kind of much active there. For prompt replies, send me a message at experience@bizain.com

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