10 Best Ways To Hire An Amazon Product Description Writer

You’re looking to hire an Amazon product description writer, right?. That’s a smart choice.

Let’s admit it. Most Amazon products’ descriptions stink. They neither entice customers nor reveal important information.

Remember, the product description is not just about product features or bullet points. Your customers aren’t that interested in features. All they want to know is how can your product solve their problems.

BUT, writing a professional & engaging product description isn’t easy. You need to be good at grammar, marketing, copywriting & what not!.

It happens. It happens to all online sellers.

What’s the best solution?. Hire an Amazon product description writer or editor on one of the following platforms. It’s easy & affordable.

With an engaged product copy, you’ll be able to win more sales on Amazon. So, let’s dive in!


1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a popular freelance marketplace that connects small business owners with quality freelancers. It offers a variety of business services like digital marketing, graphic designing, writing, programming, etc.

There’re more than 3 million freelance gigs(I’ll explain this later) listed on Fiverr. And, Fiverr claims to have served more than 2 million customers!.

Fiverr works in a pretty simple way. The freelancers list their services as a ‘Gigs’. And, the clients, on the other hand, buy those ‘Gigs’ by paying the price.

Example: An Amazon product description writer (a freelancer) may add a gig like “I’ll add 100-words amazon product description for $5”. That’s a Gig. You, as an Amazon seller or client, may buy the Amazon product writing service from the freelancer simply by buying the Gig.

Buying a gig is just like buying any other physical product online. Click, add to cart & checkout. As soon as you buy the gig, the freelancer will start working on your project.

Here’s a video that explains how Fiverr works for clients:

Click here to take a virtual tour of Fiverr.

Now, how do you find an ideal Amazon product description writer on Fiverr.

Step 1.  Go to Fiverr

Step 2. Hover over to “Writing & Translation” menu

Step 3: Click on the “Product Description” sub-menu

Step 4: Click on a Gig of your choice

amazon product description writer1

Step 5: Select the desired package & click on “continue” & then checkout.

amazon product description writer2

That’s it. Simple.

Ideally, you should be looking at writers who have got the following:

  • High ratings (Preferably more than 4.5)
  • A good number of reviews (Preferably more than 200)
  • Specialized in Amazon product description writing
  • Good understanding of Amazon SEO
  • Aware of Amazon seller rules & best practices
  • Quick delivery

Also, there’re three levels of freelancers or writers on Fiverr:

  • Normal
  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Top Rated
  • Pro Verified

Normal writers are comparatively new to Fiverr platform. They may or may not have that kind of writing experience that you’re looking for. So, proceed with caution. A normal writer won’t have any tag below its name or on his or profile picture.

A Level 1 writer has a decent experience of writing for Fiverr clients. He or she can be trusted with your Amazon description writing project. A level 1 seller is denoted by a ‘Level 1’ tag on his or her profile picture & below the name.

A Level 2 writer is an experienced & seasoned one who has completed more than 50 orders with 4.8 rating. A Level 2 seller is denoted by a ‘Level 2’ tag on his or her profile picture & below the name.

A top-rated writer is vetted by Fiverr & has completed at least 100 orders with 4.8 rating.

Whereas, a Pro Verified writer is a premium writer who gives utmost importance to quality. Such a writer is thoroughly verified & tested by the Fiverr team so you can trust him or her with your critical eCommerce projects. Needless to say, a pro verified writer will charge more as compared to Level 1, Level 2 or top-rated writers.

Here’re some of my favorite Amazon description writers on Fiverr:

ssj1236 (Fiverr id)

Level 2 writer & has been rated 5 stars by more than 1,000 customers. In his profile, he claims that he has got 8 years of copywriting experience.

His focus is on writing strong, compelling & powerful product descriptions to boost your Amazon sales.

He offers 3 packages for Amazon description writing: Basic- 200 words per product, Standard- 500 words per product + 1 title + 5 bullet points, Premium- 700 words per product + 1 title + 5 bullet points + competitor research + HTML title.

angelsunayana (Fiverr id)

Level 2 writer & has been rated 4.8 stars by more than 1,000 customers. In her profile, she claims to have got 7 years of copywriting experience & has served more than 7,000 clients.

She offers 3 packages for Amazon listing: Basic- 300 words per product + 1 title + 5 bullet points, Standard- 450 words per product + 1 title + 7 bullet points, Premium- 600 words per product + 1 title + 9 bullet points

levinewman (Fiverr id)

Top-rated writer & has been rated 5 stars by more 1,000 customers. In his profile, he introduces himself as an award-winning marketing writer.

He focusses on creating engaging product descriptions that sell. He offers 3  packages for Amazon listing: Basic- 300 words per product + 1 title + 5 bullet points, Standard- 400 words per product + 1 title + 5 bullet points, Premium- 600 words per product + 1 title + 5 bullet points.

Click here to view the aforesaid writers’ profiles on Fiverr.

Fiverr pricing may vary from anything between $ 5 to $ 200 depending on the writing talent, skill, experience & your project requirements.

2. Jungle Scout Market

Jungle Scout Market is an exclusive freelance platform that connects Amazon sellers with Amazon freelancers. Yes, it only caters to the needs of Amazon sellers. The platform lists freelancers having expertize in Amazon services like product listing, Amazon SEO, photography, digital marketing, legal, etc.

So, if you’re looking for Amazon-specific professionals & are not willing to compromise on the quality of work, then Jungle Scout Market is the place.

Yes, Jungle Scout Market is better than Fiverr on the quality front but comparatively a bit pricey.

Jungle Scout Market is a brainchild of the parent company Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout is a reputed Amazon product research platform having a rating of 9.1 out of 10 on Trustpilot (voted by more than a thousand customers).

Jungle Scout Market works in a simple way. The writers list their services & clients like you buy those services by checking out.

It’s as easy as buying on Amazon itself.

To find & hire writers on Jungle Scout Market, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to Jungle Scout Market

Step 2: Hover over to the “Copy & Translation” category & then click on “Listing Writing”

Step 3: Browse across the Amazon product description writing services listed by freelancers

Step 4: Click on the services of your choice & then on “Proceed to order”. At last, checkout with your payment details

Ideally, you should hire a writer who meets the following criterias:

  • Ratings
  • Number of reviews
  • Experienced
  • Quick delivery
  • Number of revisions allowed

Following are a few top writers on Jungle Scout Market:

Brian (AMZ Seller Services)

Brian is the #1 freelancer on Jungle Scout Market (in terms of sales). With more than 5 years of experience, Brian is here to help Amazon sellers grow their business with his expert services.

As a part of his listing package, he offers the following:

  • 2000 words
  • Amazon SEO-friendly title
  • 5 bullet points
  • PPC keywords support
  • HTML format support
  • Image optimization advice

Karim (Premium eCommerce Consulting)

They’re an Amazon services agency based in New York. Karim is the head of this agency. With their product listing package, they offer 400 words (per product) with competitor research.

They claim to be fully aware of the Amazon A9 algorithm & do their keyword research accordingly. Also, as a part of their product description writing package, they also offer keyword-optimized title, 5 bullet points, back-end search terms and advice on targeted keywords.

As expected, they’ve been rated 5 stars by more than a hundred customers.

Arabella (Optimize My Listings)

Arabella is an Amazon copywriter with more than 3 years of experience. She claims to have consulted more than 300 Amazon sellers & optimized more than a hundred Amazon listings.

In her 500 words product listing package, she offers the following:

  • Keyword-optimized title
  • Product feature listing
  • HTML format support
  • 250 main + 100 additional keyword terms included
  • Product image tips & advice
  • Competitor research
  • Bullet points

Needless to say, she has been rated 5 stars by more than 100 Jungle Scout Market customers.

Click here to take a virtual tour of Jungle Scout Market.

Jungle Scout Market product listing services’ pricing range between $ 40 to $ 200. Most services are offered as ‘packages’.

3. UpWork

UpWork is one of the most popular & trusted freelance websites.

There’re a whopping 12 million freelancers registered on UpWork. And, till date, UpWork has served more than 5 million clients worldwide.

UpWork works just like any other freelance platform. Freelancers list their profiles & on the other hand clients list their project requirements. Clients can browse through freelancers profiles & contact them. Or, freelancers can apply against projects listed by clients.

To protect clients & freelancer, UpWork has a milestone & escrow payment mechanism. It means that a project is divided into milestones & each milestone is priced separately. After completion of a milestone, payment will be released to the freelancer only when the client approves the completion of that milestone. Until approval, the fund is held by UpWork in an escrow account.

Taking into account the aforesaid, UpWork is a reliable platform to find an Amazon product description writer.

You can find quality writers on UpWork with the following steps:

Step 1: Go to UpWork & create a free client account

Step 2: Write “product listing” in the search box & enter

Step 3: Browse through the freelancer profiles & click on the desired one

Step 4: Proceed to post a job by clicking on “Post job to invite”

Step 5: If the freelancer accepts your job then you can fund your account & award the project

Ideally, you would only like to deal with a writer with the following:

  • 100% job success rate
  • A high number of jobs executed
  • A high number of hours worked
  • Verified identity (indicated by an icon)
  • Top rated (indicated by an icon)
  • Having experience with Amazon product description & listing (check the portfolio)
  • Passed UpWork tests related to copywriting (check the profile)

Here’re a few of the best product description writers on UpWork:

Kelly F.

Kelly F. is a master copywriter with immense experience in Amazon description writing & listing. She focuses on killer headlines, hypnotic description & closings.

She has executed more than 111 jobs on UpWork.

Sarah G.

Sarah G. is a copywriter specializing in Amazon SEO & descriptions. Her portfolio speaks itself of the kind of experience she has with Amazon.

She has excecuted more than 47 jobs on UpWork.

Dan M.

Dan M. is well-versed with Amazon keyword research & listing. His work history is filled with Amazon-related projects.

He has executed more than 29 jobs on UpWork.

The pricing of UpWork is subjective. It varies from one freelancer to another.

4. Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com, like UpWork, is a leading freelance platform.

There’re more than 32 million clients & freelancers registered on Freelancer.com.

Freelancer.com works just like UpWork. The clients or employers can list their projects & the freelancers are free to apply. Alternatively, clients can browse across freelancers’ profiles, chat with them & award projects.

To protect clients & freelancers, freelancer.com has an in-built milestone & escrow payment mechanism. Those have already been discussed in this post earlier (under UpWork).

To find an amazon product description writer on Freelancer.com, follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign up for a Freelance.com account

Step 2: Click on the “Browse” menu & then on “Search by freelancer”. The freelancers’ database page opens up.

Step 3: Search using the keyword “Product Description”

Step 4: Click on the profile of the preferred freelancer. Then, on “Hire Me”

Here’re a few top writers on Freelancer.com platform:

Clever Pen Content

Clever Pen Content is a copywriting agency based in the UK. They’ve got more than 15 years of experience in product description writing.

They claim to deliver well-researched & SEO-optimized products descriptions quickly. Focus is also on the engagement & relevancy part.

You can check or view their work in the portfolio section. Not surprisingly, they’ve been rated 4.9 stars by more than 657 customers.

Mousumi G.

Mousumi G is a popular freelance product description writer on Freelancer.com. She has got 4+ years of experience of writing product content for various eCommerce websites.

She focuses on reader-friendly & SEO-optimized product descriptions.

Her portfolio boasts her product description skills & talent. Rightly so, she has been rated 4.9 by more than 468 clients.

Arpita G.

Arpita calls herself a writer & a designer. With more than 5 years of experience, she is one of the top copywriters on Freelancer.com platform.

She focuses on delivering top-notch product writing that sells.

For a sample of her work, you can checkout the portfolio section. No prizes for guessing, she has been rated 5 stars by more than 187 employers.

Since Freelancer.com is a marketplace, the prices are solely decided by the writers themselves.

5. Text Broker

Text Broker is a leading freelance platform focussed on content writing. They connect verified US writers or authors with business owners or clients.

Formed in 2007 as “Internet’s first content marketplace”, Text Broker had grown leaps & bounds. They’ve got thousands of skilled writers & editors who provide content services like product descriptions, blog, news stories etc.

Text Broker works a bit differently than most other freelance platforms. How’s that?. Let me explain.

Firstly, Text Broker’s prices are fixed irrespective of the freelancer you work with. Presently, Text Broker charges 1.3 cents to 7.2 cents per word (depending on the quality of writing).

Secondly, you can’t explore the authors or writers until unless you’re registered on the platform.

As a client, you can register on Text Broker & create an open order by providing details like keywords, writing style, preferences etc. After successful payment, Text Broker will allot the order to a Text Broker freelancer who will start working on your order.

Alternatively, you can create a direct order by choosing the freelancer of your interest. Note that for direct orders, pricing is decided by the freelancers themselves.

Text Broker comes with an in-built 3-level plagiarism check. That means work submitted by writers will be first checked by the Text Broker anti-plagiarism system. Only after successfully passing the plagiarism test, you’ll receive the content for approval. That way, you can rest assured that the content you receive is original & authentic.

To find an Amazon product description writer on Text Broker, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign Up on Text Broker

Step 2: Under “Open Order”, Click “Place Order” button

Step 3: Then, click on “Product description” template

Step 4: Add order briefing, keywords & other details

Step 5: Pay & submit the order

Ideally, you would only like to deal with writers who’ve got more than 4-star ratings, minimal rejections & have executed more than 300 orders.

Here’re a few top writers on Text Broker:


She has a professional freelance writer since 2002. With focus on delivering well-researched product descriptions, she is one of the best freelancers on Text Broker.

With more than 300 orders executed, she has been ranked 5 stars. And, not surprisingly, she has got 0% rejection rate. That speaks volumes about the quality of her work.


She is an expert copywriter on Text Broker. With more than 5 years of copywriting experience, her focus is one delivering & rewriting top quality content.

She has got noteworthy experience with writing product descriptions for health-related products.


He’s a freelance writer based in Houston, US. With 0% rejection rate, his quality of work has been vetted by more than 300 clients on Text Broker.

He focuses on creating winning & saleable product copies.

6. iWriter

iWriter, just like Text Broker, is a freelance marketplace to connect verified writers with business owners.

Based in Florida, iWriter claims to have more than 36,630 writers registered on its platform. Also, it claims to have delivered more than 7.5 million content to date.

iWriter works in a similar fashion as that of Text Broker. As a client, you need to sign up on iWriter & then submit your requirements. Then, iWriter does the hard work of assigning your project to a writer. The writer works on your project & completes the project within a stipulated time. You’re free to reject the work & request for a revision.

Alternatively, you can order your content from a specific writer of your choice.

Just like Text Broker, iWriter also comes up with an in-built plagiarism check.

To find writers on iWriter, follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign up for an account

Step 2: Choose your requirements like words, quality & other details

Step 3: Submit your order request & make payment

Step 4: Receive, request for revision or approve the work

Here’re a few top writers on iWriter:

Tamara Wilhite

Tamara is one of the popular & top rated writers on iWriter.

She has been rated 5 stars & has got 38% of hers orders from repeat clients. Also, she has executed more than 11K orders.

James Mash

James Mash is known for his top-notch quality of work.

He has been rated 5 stars & has got 42% of his orders from repeat clients. Also, he has executed more than 2604 orders.


Based in California, she’s is a prolific writer specializing in product descriptions for car accessories.

She has been rated 5 stars with a repeat client rate of 45%.

The pricing is transparent with iWriter itself deciding on the same. You can order content on iWriter for as low as $ 1.4 to as high as $ 290 (depending on the number of words & the quality of the writer).

7. Rightly Written

Rightly Written is a content agency that focuses on delivering affordable copywriting services. Rightly so, their tag line says “Content that walks, talks & sells for you”.

Working with an agency or team like Rightly Written has its own set of advantages. How?. Let me explain.

Unline with freelance platforms, a service agency is a team of experts comprising of strategists, copywriters, editors & domain specialists. Therefore, with an agency, you can expect higher quality of work.

But on the downside, working with an agency means more cost to you. Yes, freelancing platforms are comparatively cheaper.

Rightly Written claims to have delivered more than 2K projects & worked with a 1K+ number of clients.

Here’s how to order product description service on Rightly Written:

Step 1: Click on “Order your content” link available at the top menu bar

Step 2: Select the content type as “Product description”  & choose word count. Then, click on “Continue”

Step 3: Add content details like subject, style, voice, audience & special instructions, if any. Then, click on “Continue”

Step 4: Create an account, pay & then submit the order.

For product descriptions, Rightly Written charges $35 for 500 words (standard quality). For premium quality, they charge $ 40 for the same number of words.

8. Crowd Content

Crowd Content, like Rightly Written, is a popular content service agency. But, there’s a twist as well. They’ve got an in-built marketplace which connects clients with 5K+ vetted writers.

So, it’s like 2-in-1. Content marketplace + Enterprise services.

They claim to have worked with reputed clients like 3M, WordPress, Home Advisor etc.

The content marketplace works in a rather simple way. As a client, you need to place your order request. One of the writers will claim your order & start working on it.

For product descriptions, Crowd Content charges $ 2.75 per 50 words (standard quality). For professional quality, they charge $ 5 per 50 words.

9. Guru

Guru, similar to UpWork & Freelancer.com, is a popular freelance marketplace.

Founded in 2008, Guru has become one of the best places to connect individual freelancers with employers from around the globe.

The website claims to have more than 3 million registered members.

Guru works in the same way as UpWork or Freelancer.com. Clients can register & post their project requirements. Thereafter, freelancers can bid on the project.

Alternatively, you can browse across the profiles of the writers individually & request quotes from them.

To protect clients, Guru supports milestone & escrow payment mechanism.

To find a quality writer on Guru, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on the “Find a guru” link on the top header bar

Step 2: Search using “product descriptions”

Step 3: Browse across the profiles of writers & get quotes by clicking on “Get a quote” button

Step 4: Communicate with the writer & close the deal

Ideally, you would online like to deal with a writer specializing in Amazon product description & having 100% approval from clients. Additionally, you should also look for the highest earners. Why?. Because the more a writer has earned in the past, the more he or she is experienced. As you know, experience matters when it comes to copywriting.

Here’re a few top writers on Guru:

Visual Content Communications

They’re an agency based in the US. With 240+ positive client reviews & 20 years of professional copywriting experience, they should be your first choice on Guru.

They focus on systematically creating product descriptions by following a standard operating procedure: copywriting, marketing strategy, grammatical review, proof-reading, etc.

Prgamatic Solutions Inc

They’re an agency based in India. With 639+ positive client reviews, they definitely are one of the best out there.

Not only copywriting, they can also help you to upload descriptions to Amazon dashboard.

Shark Square

Again, an agency based in Canada. With 18+ raving client reviews, they’re someone you can trust with your project.

Pricing on Guru is sole discretion of the freelance writers themselves.

10. Enchanting Marketing

Enchanting Marketing is the brainchild of Henneke Duistermaat, one of the leading copywriting experts.

Henneke is brilliant when it comes to writing engaging & persuasive web copies. Bloggers like me regularly read her blog & books to improve our writing. Yes, I’m one of her huge fans.

In fact, when I first started my eCommerce store in 2016, I was struggling with the conversion. Then, I stumbled across her epic guide on product descriptions. And, the result?. My conversions sky-rocketed to 8%!. Since then, I ‘ve been regularly following her advice.

She has been featured on popular blogs like KISSmetrics & Copyblogger. That’s a huge testimony to the level of skill she possesses.

To work with Henneke, you need to contact her by filling up the contact form.

If your project sounds interesting to her, she may be willing to help you out.


Writing a product description is not just about talking about the product or its features. It’s a subtle art of creating the product image in the minds of the readers.

Yes, it’s not easy.

But, with the aforesaid trustworthy services, you can win at product descriptions. A good product description will increase time spent by the readers on your online store. More time means more chances of conversion or sale.

So, don’t leave money on the table with those sub-standard & boring descriptions. Go & hire a pro.

With some of the aforesaid platform, the process is as easy as ordering a product on Amazon. Hence, no excuse.

With a professional product description, you see immediate improvements in the following areas:

  • Amazon SEO (Will drive more traffic to your products)
  • Conversion (More sales)
  • Branding

Hire. Publish. Repeat.