10 Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping In 2022

In this article, I'm going to discuss some of the best product research tools for dropshipping.

Fed up with your 9 to 5 job? Want freedom & flexibility? Wanna go on a vacation & live your life on your own terms? Then, you're on the right path. Dropshipping is powerful & has changed the game for many online entrepreneurs. It can work for you too.

Dealing with winning products is a sure-shot formula for dropship success. Until unless your products sell well & generate big profit, you can't scale a dropshipping business. The solution? Take your time & invest some money to shortlist the winning products you would be targeting.

So, are you ready to change your life? Yes? Let's go.


1. SaleHoo

SaleHoo is one of the most popular product research tools for dropshipping. It claims to have listed 2.5+ million products & 8,000+ suppliers. Yes, with SaleHoo, you not only can uncover profitable product ideas, but also contact verified suppliers for those products. All suppliers listed on SaleHoo have dropship capabilities.

The best part? SaleHoo also lists products from brands like Nike, Levi's, HP etc. on its platform.

Following are the benefits of using SaleHoo:

Here's how SaleHoo works:

Step 1: Create a SaleHoo account

Step 2: Click on "Market Research Labs" to find in-demand & profitable dropship products. Shortlist/save the products you like.

best product research tools for dropshipping
best product research tools for dropshipping

Step 3: Contact the potential suppliers for those shortlisted products & explain your requirements. You can directly chat with any supplier from SaleHoo dashboard.

Step 4: List the shortlisted products on your dropship website or Amazon/eBay store.

Here's a video that further demonstrates how SaleHoo "Market Research Labs" work:

Click here to take a virtual tour of SaleHoo.

Success Story of Two Sisters (Carolyn & Virginia)

Dropshipping is a powerful business model. The best examples of that are the two miracle sisters who're making $ 150,000+ in a year.

Carolyn & Virginia, based in Texas, lives turned around after their parents passed away in quick succession.

The problem was that their brother Neill was suffering from a medical complication. With both sisters having full-time jobs, it was not possible for them to look after their ailing brother.

So, they decided to start selling on eBay. The start was rough. They were finding it difficult to find reliable suppliers. And, the whole inventory stuff was adding to the pressure. As a result, they were only pulling around a few hundred dollars a month.

But, as we say, business is all about persistence. They decided to turn around their business model with dropshipping. The advantage? More time & freedom. And, not to mention, dropshipping is more scalable than a typical inventory-based model.

For dropshipping they needed reliable suppliers who have the strength to support their order requirements. That's when they discovered SaleHoo. And, as we say, the rest is history. Now, they're making around $ 150,000+ a year using a simple dropshipping model - find products on SaleHoo, list them on eBay & direct orders to suppliers.

The moral of this story is - with dropshipping, sky is the only limit. If d0ne correctly, dropshipping can change your life in a positive way. Yeah, I mean more freedom & flexibility. The best part? No need to manage inventory, packing, shipment & returns.

Click here to read the full story of Carolyn & Virginia

Trust Factors

SaleHoo is a trustworthy product research tool that has been featured on reputed media publications like Inc., CNBC, Forbes, CNN & Huffpost.

The "About Us" page of SaleHoo website reveals more about the company, co-founders, vision & the team members. Similarly, the "Contact" page has got a physical address & an actual phone number mentioned (SaleHoo is a registered company based out in Christ Church, New Zealand).

I also checked for SaleHoo reviews on a third party review site - Trust Pilot & saw that it was rated 4.9 (out of 5) by more than 311 users. SaleHoo also has got an official page on Facebook & it has been rated 3.7 (out of 5) by more than 47 users.

Click here to check the pricing of SaleHoo.


  • Easy-to-use product research tool
  • Accurate & real-time updated data (SaleHoo pulls data from Amazon, eBay & AliExpress)
  • Millions of products
  • A supplier for every product
  • Focussed on dropshipping
  • Verified & vetted suppliers
  • Regular deals & offers from suppliers
  • Communicate directly with suppliers from dashboard
  • In-built training modules
  • Customer support via email, chat & phone


  • No available integration with WooCommerce or Shopify

SaleHoo is an easy-t0-use & accurate product research tool worth investing in. Highly recommended for Amazon & eBay sellers.

2. sPocket

Are your customers based out in USA or Europe? Then, sPocket is the product research tool for you. It's only focused on listing high-quality products made in USA or Europe.

The biggest problem with dropshipping is – most suppliers are based out in China. With that, comes various issues like inferior quality of products & high shipping lead time (around 15 to 20 days). On the other hand, if you deal with a supplier thats based out in your own country, you can delight your customers with better product quality & fast shipping.

sPocket fills the aforesaid gap. The best part? It's deeply integrated with WooCommerce & Shopify. So, as & when you get your orders through eCommerce website, the same will automatically get synced & start showing on sPocket dashboard. You can fulfill orders automatically with the click of a button. No filling order forms, contacting suppliers, etc.

Following are the benefits of using sPocket for product research:

  • Only deals with high quality USA & European products
  • Helps to uncover profitable products
  • Deals with verified & trustworthy suppliers
  • Automatic order processing with minimum manual intervention
  • Works perfectly with Shopify & Woocommerce stores
  • Customer support via chat & email

Here's how sPocket works:

Step 1: Create a sPocket account (14-days FREE trial available)

best product research tools for dropshipping

Step 2: Click on "Search Products" link available on the dashboard. You can filter products based on factors like price, location, FREE shipping, low cost, etc.

Step 3: Browse across the products & shortlist them to your "import list"

Step 4: Go to the "My Import List" link on dashboard, re-check the products & then click on "Push to store" (this'll automatically push your products to your Shopify or WooCommerce store)

As & when you get orders on your store, those will get reflected on "My Orders" link on the dashboard. You can fulfil those orders with a click of a button.

That's it. Happy selling!.

Here's a video that shows how to use SaleHoo as a tool for dropship product research:

Click here to take a virtual tour of sPocket.

Success Story of A Dropshipper, Marc Chapon

Dropshipping, powered by paid ads, can really be a game changer. The best example of that is Marc Chapon, a successful online entrepreneur who made $ 178,492 in just 3 months.

At the end of 2017, Marc decided to quit his full-time job & venture into eCommerce.

It wasn't going to easy since he didn't have a marketing background. Nor he had a ton of money. With just $ 5000 in his pocket, he was taking a real risk.

After a ton of research using sPocket, he decided to go ahead with selling pet dog tags. Thereafter, he created an online store using Shopify & pulled products from sPocket to his store.

Next up, he focused on creating a winning Facebook ad.

The result? He was averaging $ 60,000 a month. In fact, once he hit $ 10,000 a day! Crazy, right? Welcome to the dropship world.

The best part? Orders were getting automatically processed by sPocket suppliers. No inventory or packaging related stress. Cool?

The lesson of this story is – Dropshipping, if done correctly, can change your life. If Marc could do it, so can you.

Trust Factors

Let's investigate & find out if sPocket is a reliable product research platform for your dropshipping business.

sPocket claims to be serving more than 50,000 dropshippers worldwide.

I checked the sPocket app listed on Shopify & found that it has been rated 4.5 (out of 5) by more than 1,654 dropshippers. On TrustPilot, a third party review site, sPocket has been rated 4.6 (out of 5) by more than 410 dropshippers.

Also, Spocket has got a private group on Facebook with more than 47,530 active members in it.

Surprisingly though, I couldn't find an "About us" page on their website. On digging Google, I came to know that sPocket is a funded company based in Canada & founded by Saba Mohebpour, an eCommerce dropshipping expert.

Click here to check the pricing of sPocket.


  • High quality products
  • Integrates with & lists verified USA or Europe based suppliers
  • Integrated with Shopify or Woocommerce store
  • Provision for requesting product samples from suppliers
  • Automatic fulfilling of orders
  • Faster delivery time
  • Customer support via chat or email


  • Not that effective if your customers are not based out in US or Europe

sPocket is a revolutionary tool that has made dropshipping look really easy. Highly recommended for WooCommerce or Shopify store owners.

3. Jungle Scout

Do you dropship on Amazon? Or, are you planning to dropship on Amazon? Then, you shouldn't do the same without checking out Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout is a tool that helps you find profitable product & niche ideas. Also, it helps you uncover verified suppliers for your products. The best part? It integrates deeply with Amazon. So, you can monitor your Amazon products straight from Jungle Scout dashboard.

Jungle Scout pulls all its data from Amazon store & therefore claims that its database is accurate.

Following are the benefits of using Jungle Scout for dropshipping on Amazon:

  • Helps you find Amazon products that've high demand but less competition; high demand but bad marketing; good return on investment; good demand but poor product quality
  • Comes with Amazon FBA profit calculator
  • Helps to monitor your Amazon products (real-time sales, ranking & keywords, etc.)
  • Helps to find profitable product niches with its proprietary "Opportunity Finder"
  • Assists in finding verified suppliers for any product, brand or keyword
  • Helps to uncover your competitors suppliers

Here's how to research & find winning dropship products on Jungle Scout:

Step 1: Create a Jungle Scout account

Step 2: To find profitable products, click on "Product Database", select a category (industry) & enter your product keyword. You can also set various filters like price, reviews, rating, rank, weight, LQS (listing quality score), revenue, etc.

Step 3: To find profitable product ideas or niches, head over to "Opportunity Finder" & select your category (industry) & search. You can also set various filters like average units sold, competition, price, niche score, etc.

You can click on any product to know more detailed metrics about it like units sold, seasonal trend, reviews, etc.

Ideally, you should pick a product that has the highest opportunity score. An opportunity score is calculated by taking into account the factors like demand, competition & the quality of listing (on Amazon).

Shortlist or save the products with highest opportunity scores.

Step 4: Next up, you need to find suppliers for the shortlisted products. For that, you need to simply click on "Suppliers database" & search for suppliers based on product name, company name or ASIN.

Contact the supplier & request them to open a dropshipping account.

That's it! Done.

Here's a video that shows how to use Jungle Scout for dropship product research:

Click here to take a virtual tour of Jungle Scout.

Success Story of A Couple (Ari & Chelsea)

Dropshipping is better than most other passive income models. How? The best example of that is the story of Ari & Chelsea.

Ari & Chelsea Cohen, based out in Austin, left their day job in 2014 to become independent.

They started with MLM (multi-level marketing) & partnered with a few companies. However, their business really didn't take off well.

Determined to make it big, they started looking for eCommerce opportunities. That's when they took their first Amazon selling course - learning the nuts & bolts of an eCommerce business.

Soon, they launched their business on Amazon & within 30 days they had already sold goods worth $ 10,000. Guess what? Now, they're averaging around $ 1.5 million sales in a year.

The best part? Last year, they travelled for around 6 months. That's what dropshipping brings. Freedom & flexibility.

The lessons learnt is - If you're looking for a passive source of income, dropshipping is the best model.

Click here to read the full story of Ari & Chelsea

Trust Factors

Jungle Scout is used by more than 400,000 Amazon sellers worldwide. They're also featured on some of the top media publications like Forbes, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, Inc., Yahoo Finance & WSJ.

On TrustPilot, a 3rd party review website, Jungle Scout has been rated 4.3 (out of 5) by more than 1,524 users.

I was also impressed with the transparency of Jungle Scout team. Their "About us" & "Contact" pages reveal important information like team members, vision, mission, goal, addresses, support email addresses, etc.

Click here to check the pricing of Jungle Scout.


  • Database of more than 500 million Amazon products
  • Product research & tracking tools
  • Supplier database
  • Product ppportunity & niche finder
  • Integrates with Amazon
  • A complete selling tool for Amazon sellers
  • Comes with a chrome extension
  • Customer support via email


  • Not much useful if you aren't selling or planning to sell on Amazon

Jungle Scout is a must-have tool if you're looking to make big on Amazon. Apart from product research, it comes with a bunch other remarkable features that will make your life easy.

4. Sell The Trend (Nexus Product Research)

Sell The Trend is a popular product research tool for dropshipping. What separates it from other tools is the AI product discovery algorithm it claims to be using. Another point of distinction - it pulls most of its data from Shopify stores & AliExpress.

But, please note, unlike most other top tools discussed earlier, Sell The Trend doesn't support or lists suppliers.

Following are the benefits of using Sell the Trend for dropshipping:

  • Helps to find real-time trending products
  • Helps to find best selling dropshipping products
  • Discover top products on top Shopify & Aliexpress stores
  • Discover trending products on Amazon
  • Add products to your Shopify store directly from Sell The Trend
  • Helps to create product videos for Facebook ads

Trust Factors

Unfortunately, I couldn't find Sell The Trend on top review sites like G2, trustpilot or capterra. Though, they've a Facebook page where 8 users have rated them 5 (out of 5).

Also, I couldn't find any "About us" or "Contact" pages on their website. The worst part? I couldn't even find anything about their founder or team on Google. Weird.

The good news is that they do have a messenger chat option on their homepage. Nevertheless, this is a popular product research tool & therefore has been listed at #4 on this list.


  • Pulls data from Shopify & AliExpress
  • Comes bundled with dropshipping courses
  • Integrated with Shopify
  • Uncovers trending eCommerce products


  • No supplier database

If you're selling on Shopify by pulling products from Aliexpress, then Sell The Trend can be a handy tool.

5. Dropship Spy

Like Sell The Trend, Dropship Spy is also a dropship product research tool that pulls data from Shopify & AliExpress stores.

Following are the benefit of using Dropship Spy for product research:

  • Helps find trending products instantly
  • Creates product videos for Facebook ads
  • Uncover any store's data like traffic sources, sales, best selling products etc.
  • Get valuable sales data for any AliExpress product
  • Comes bundled with training & forum
  • Customer support via email

Trust Factors

Dropship Spy has been rated 3.2 (out of 5) on Trust Pilot by more than 77 users & 3.4 (out of 5) on Facebook by more than 10 users.

Just like Sell The Trend, they too don't have an "About us" & "Contact us" page on their website.


  • Powerful software to uncover trending & best selling products
  • Integrated with Shopify
  • Training sessions & forum support


  • No supplier database
  • Limited number of products

Dropship Spy is recommended for a dropshipper who has her store set up on Shopify & pulls data from AliExpress.

6. Pexda

Pexda is a yet another product research tool for dropshippers. It seems like they pulls all of their data from AliExpress.

Following are the benefits of using Pexda for dropshipping:

  • Helps find best selling & trending products every day
  • Uncovers the Facebook ads that are working right now
  • Helps find the target audience with best conversion rates

Trust Factors

On Trust Pilot, Pexda has been rated 2.5 (out of 5) by 6 users. On their website(home page), it's mentioned that Jennifer is the founder - no further details was found. On contact front, they encourage you to contact on their email address or facebook messenger. On checking their Facebook page, I found that their last post was dated 2017.


  • Winning products with a click of a button
  • Facebook ad suggestions & ideas
  • Target audience suggestions
  • Chrome extension
  • Customer support


  • Not a full-fledged dropshipping tool

Pexda is recommended for a dropshipper who's looking just for product research & nothing more.

7. Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper, as the name suggests, is a niche & product hunting tool for dropshippers. They pull their data from Shopify & AliExpress stores.

Following are the benefits of using Niche Scraper for dropshipping:

  • Helps find any winning product on Shopify or AliExpress stores. All you need to do is enter the product keyword & search.
  • Manually hand picks winning products
  • Helps analyze performance of any Shopify store
  • Creates product videos for Facebook ads

Trust Factors

On Facebook, Niche Scraper has been rated 3.4 (out of 5) by more than 22 dropshippers. I found out(on Google) that the founder of Niche Scraper is Eric Smith, a former programmer & dropshipper.

Though, on their website, there's little to no information about the people behind this tool.


  • Winning products search based on keywords
  • Manually hand-picked winning products listed everyday
  • Shopify store analysis just by entering website URL
  • Video Ad maker
  • Customer support
  • Training resources


  • Not a full-fledged dropshipping tool (No supplier database)

Go for Niche Scraper if you want a simple tool to find best selling products based on keywords.

8. AliShark

AliShark is a robust research tool for AliExpress products. Yes, AliShark is solely focused on finding & listing best selling & trending products on AliExpress.

Following are the benefits of using AliShark for dropshipping:

  • Helps find best selling AliExpress products on real-time basis (updated every hour)
  • Uncovers all stats related to any AliExpress product (shipping, pricing, reviews, sales history )
  • Helps find top dropshippers country-wise
  • Helps easily find your competitors
  • Filters & shows data for any niche or industry
  • Helps search products by keywords
  • Helps choose the right niche

Trust Factors

Unfortunately, I couldn't find AliShark reviews on Trust Pilot. Through Google, I found out that the founder of AliShark is Yousef Khalidi, a well-known dropshipper expert.

The parent company of AliShark is Two Zillas. They're a team dedicated towards building apps for eCommerce. Their web page (Two Zillas) is well updated with details about their addresses & team members.


  • Only AliExpress products
  • In-depth data on any product
  • Advanced filtering options
  • Customer support


  • Only AliExpress products

If you're looking to dropship AliExpress products then AliShark is a must-have tool.

9. eComHunt

eComHunt is another worth-mentioning product research tool for dropshipping.

Following are benefits of using eComHunt for dropshipping:

  • Provides in-depth product data like profit & sales analytics
  • Helps in finding target audience that will convert
  • Helps finding Facebook ads with highest conversion
  • Helps in making product videos for Facebook ads

The website claims to be adding product data manually, every day. Though, the source of the data hasn't been revealed (I guess its AliExpress).

Trust Factors

I couldn't find eComHunt reviews on Trust Pilot. However, they do have a Facebook page where they've been rated 4.2 (out of 5) by more than 19 dropshippers.

Unfortunately, they too don't have an "About" & "Contact" pages (though they've a dedicated section for blogs). Through Googling, I found out that the founder of eComHunt is Mordechai Arba, who runs multiple successful online stores.


  • In-depth product data & analysis
  • Simple & effective
  • Customer support
  • Webinars & tutorials included


  • Not a full-fledged tool for dropshipping

eComHunt is best suited for new dropshippers who're looking for easy-to-use product research tool.

10. AliExpress Dropshipping Center

AliExpress (the source for most dropshippers) has got its own product research tool. As the AliExpress team is behind this tool, you can expect the data to be 100% accurate.

Following are the benefits of using AliExpress dropshipping center for dropshipping:

  • Helps find top selling products on AliExpress
  • Integrates with Shopify & WooCommerce stores
  • Syncs order status with your store
  • Shows important data like sales, number of orders, pricing, etc.

Trust Factors

AliExpress, as you may know, is one of the top B2C eCommerce websites in the World. On Trust Pilot, AliExpress has been rated 4.5 (out of 5) by more than 110,381 customers.

Based out in China, AliExpress is a subsidiary of the Alibaba Group.


  • 100% accurate AliExpress data
  • Native integration with eCommerce platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce
  • Largest product database
  • Order sync with stores
  • Customer support


  • None

If you're looking to dropship AliExpress products then AliExpress dropshipping center may be the perfect product research tool for you.


Dropshipping is a game-changer business model for someone craving for freedom. I know you too want the same. And, product research is the first step towards fulfilling your dropship dream.

So, what're you waiting for? Pick one of the aforesaid tools & get started. Remember, it's all about getting started & taking that first step. Yes, you're just a step away from attaining the freedom you always wanted.

Start. Dropship. Scale.


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