10 Best Social Media Marketing Courses In 2021 (Online)

Social media is the talk of the town (business town, in fact) nowadays. Every business owner or digital marketer wants a piece of that social media cake. And, rightly so. Because that’s where your target audiences hang out most of their time. Now, to kill it on social media, you need to sharpen your skills. You know that. That’s why you’re here exploring the best social media marketing courses in 2021.

Social media marketing is not as easy as it used to be a few years ago. Stiff competition, high bidding rates, algorithm changes, ad banner blindness, etc. are some of the challenges being faced by social media marketers.

It’s natural for social media marketers to generate a lot of sales with one campaign & lose money on another. Yes, there’s uncertainty factor as well.

It’s tough when social media platforms are constantly evolving. Users are also reacting differently at different point of time. Example: A simple Facebook ad banner that worked last year may not be effective for this year. Maybe your audiences need a video ad?.

You aren’t alone. Most social media marketers struggle in the same way. I’ve been there. When I started out, I made a mistake of running a Facebook ad on day one thinking that it’s easy. The result?. I lost money.

So, what’s the solution?.

Simple. Learn from social media marketing pros. They’ve been there & have made those costly mistakes. Having years of experience, they know what works & what doesn’t.

After taking one or more social media marketing courses listed here, you’ll become a better marketer & will be able to generate a constant stream of leads/sales.


1. Social Media Marketing Mastery (Ads) Course

This course is for someone who’s looking to learn how to run ads on major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.

For businesses, paid marketing on social media is an effective way to acquire new customers & spread brand awareness. And, the best part is that paid marketing is scalable (as long as your ROI is positive).

In fact, when I first entered this online marketing space (a few years ago), I used paid social media marketing ads to acquire my first 1,000 customers. Yes, it worked like charm for me. BUT, I had to learn things the hard way. Early on, I made many mistakes & lost money in the process.

You know there’s so many stuff to be taken care of while running social ads. Like targeting, audience, bidding, duration, creatives, etc. Phew!.

And, to make the matter worse, different social media platforms have different rules & processes to run ads.

The solution?. This social media marketing mastery course. When I look back, I wish I had taken a course like this one. (Note: Online learning wasn’t a thing then).

In this course, you’ll learn the following:

  • Social media marketing basics
  • How to automate social media marketing
  • Everything about Instagram marketing & ads
  • How to master YouTube ads – strategy, content creation, creatives, etc.
  • Step by step guide to create & run successful Facebook ads
  • Everything about Twitter Ads
  • The power of Pinterest & how to create promoted pins
  • How to start & set up a YouTube channel
  • How to run YouTube video ads
  • LinkedIn & SnapChat marketing

CourseEnvy, a Los-Angeles based ad agency is the creator of this course. They’ve got a ton of experience in creating research-based marketing courses. Their 200K+ students are a testimony to that fact.

The best thing about this course is that it focusses just on one thing (social ads) & does it well. I highly recommend this course to every digital marketer who runs or is planning to run social media marketing ads.

Also, the course comes packed with bonus resources like templates, tools, assignments, etc.

Instructor’s name: CourseEnvy

Number of students enrolled: 41,198

Duration of the course: 8+ hours

Format of the course: Video

Ratings: 4.5

Click here to check the current price of this course on Udemy.

2. Social Media Marketing Strategy 2021

Unlike the first course, this is for someone who’s looking to grow his or her social presence organically.

What does that mean?

That means growing your social media bandwidth without spending dollars on costly ads. Yes, that’s possible.

Growing your social media reach using paid ads is great but has got a huge limitation. That’s lack of sustainable results.

Example: Imagine you spending $ 100 every day on Facebook paid ads & getting 10 leads per day. What happens when you stop paying for those ads?. Or, what if you run out of money?. No prizes for guessing this: Your lead count becomes ZERO. So, suddenly your business comes to a halt because you stopped paying Mark Zuckerberg 😛

On the other hand, imagine yourself growing your social media presence with brilliant content strategy. You’ll start getting hundreds of organic followers (your target audience). So, the next time you need to share something with your target audience, you don’t need to buy those ads.

Sure, organic growth isn’t as easy as it seems. But, it’s sustainable. And, that’s the point that I’m trying to make.

So, what should be your ideal choice?. Paid ads or organic growth?.

Here’s my simple suggestion: Build audience organically as a long-term strategy. At the same time run paid ads to keep the sales engine running.

Makes sense?

In this course, you’ll learn the following:

  • Social media marketing basics & fundamentals
  • Social media marketing real-life case studies
  • How to post on social media for maximum engagement
  • Building & executing a solid content strategy
  • How to create social media creatives like images
  • Step by step guide for YouTube marketing
  • Audio & video production for YouTube
  • Quora marketing
  • Pinterest marketing
  • Podcasting as a marketing tool
  • Email marketing
  • Basics, principles & best practices on Instagram

Mark Timberlake & Philomena Timberlake are the instructors of this course. Mark has got 15+ years of experience in the field of online marketing. And, Philomena has got 15+ years of experience of running various online businesses like eCommerce. She’s also known for her video production skills & training.

The best thing about this course is that it doesn’t seek the easy way out. Rarely you would find a course that talks about social media organic growth with this much depth.

I recommend beginners to start with course & then move on to other courses like paid ads.

Instructor’s name: Mark Timberlake & Philomena Timberlake

Number of students enrolled: 16,973

Duration of the course: 20+ hours

Format of the course: Video

Ratings: 4.4

Click here to check the current price of this course on Udemy.

3. Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery Course

As the title suggests, this course is for someone who’s looking to master Facebook marketing & ads.

As you may be aware, Facebook is the holy grail of digital marketing. With more than 2.38 billion active users, Facebook is the most important social media platform.

So, if you do Facebook well then rest assured that you’ve nailed the biggest social audience base.

Facebook marketing is all about building a page, branding the page & posting interesting stuff about your business there. As & when people discover your posts or page, they’ll start following or “liking” your page. That’s a way to build a fan base on Facebook. Subsequently, as & when you post Facebook updates, you’ll reaching out your fans.

Some of the other ways to promote on Facebook is by creating a group, running ads, adding video content or Facebook articles, etc.

Out of those, Facebook ads deserve a special mention. Why?.

Because a Facebook ad is the direct, quickest & easiest way to reach your target audience. All you need to do is create ad creatives, select targeting options & pay.

And, Facebook ads are comparitively cheaper than Google adwords.

BUT, Facebook ads can result in a monetary loss if you don’t know what you’re doing. Even a simple targeting option like “Age” requires careful thought.

Therefore, you need to take a social media marketing course like this one.

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In this course, you’ll learn the following:

  • Facebook marketing basics
  • The concept of sales funnel on Facebook
  • How to create & set up a professional Facebook page
  • Step by step guide to create & run successful Facebook ads
  • Split testing with Facebook ads
  • How to track & analyze the success of Facebook ads with Facebook pixels
  • How to create custom audiences & target them using Facebook pixels
  • The formula of high engagement on Facebook
  • Facebook reporting & insights

Course Envy, as discussed earlier, is the creator of this course.

What I like the most about this course is the in-depth coverage of Facebook ads. With 14+ hours of training & 119 lectures, this is the most comprehensive course on Facebook ads you’ll ever get.

The course also comes with bonus resources like summaries, templates & tools, etc.

Instructor’s name: Course Envy

Number of students enrolled: 105,470

Duration of the course: 14+ hours

Format of the course: Video

Ratings: 4.6

Click here to check the current price of this course on Udemy.

4. Instagram Marketing 2021: A Guide To 10,000 Followers

If your target audience mainly consists of millennials then this is the social media marketing course for you.

Instagram, with more than 1 billion active users, is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. Especially popular among the younger generation, Instagram is best suited for fashion & lifestyle brands.

In terms of concept, Instagram is similar to Facebook or Twitter. BUT, what makes Instagram special is its focus on visually appealing images or short videos.

It’s a sweet app with no distractions. The moment you open the feed, you’ll find gorgeous photos of your favorite celebrities or brand.

On Instagram, you can either grow organically or via Instagram ads. Just like Facebook.

Organically, you can create an Instagram profile & consistently post interesting stuff. As & when users discover your posts, they may visit your profile & start following you.

Hashtag (#keyword) is one of the interesting features of Instagram. Similar to what you see on Twitter.

On Instagram, it’s a community unwritten rule to include relevant hashtags with all posts. But, how does this hashtag help?. Let me explain.

Hashtags help other users’ discover your posts easily. Example: You added an Instagram post on social media marketing courses with the hashtags like #socialmediamarketingcourses #socialmediaads, etc. Now, if someone on Instagram follows social media related topics may see your posts & start following you.

Case study: To analyze the power of hashtags on Instagram, I ran an experiment last year. I created an Instagram profile & posted strategically for 30 days using hashtags. The result?. More than 300+ organic followers (no friends or families). Check the profile yourself: @the.vishal.gupta

Instagram also permits paid ads. That means you can promote your Instagram post to your target audience by running an ad.

You can only run an Instagram ad using Facebook ad manager (since Facebook owns Instagram). In fact, Facebook allows you to run ads on all its platforms using its Ad manager: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, etc.

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In this social media marketing course, you’ll learn the following:

  • Basic concepts & introduction to Instagram marketing
  • How to set up & create a business account on Instagram
  • Instagram content strategy
  • Instagram marketing strategy
  • How to make money from your Instagram account
  • Step by step guide to set up & run successful Instagram ads
  • How to use Instagram stories & Instagram live to increase engagement

Benjamin Wilson & Anneliese Wilson are the trainers of this course. Benjamin is a marketer from Australia who is known for creating killer digital marketing strategies. On the other hand, Anneliese is a social media expert who has helped numerous businesses grow their Instagram followers.

What I like about this course is its focus on the strategy part. Benjamin has made sure that you understand the fundamentals behind a successful Instagram profile & then create your own Instagram strategy.

Plus, the course comes with bonus quizzes, apps, tricks, etc.

Instructor’s name: Benjamin Wilson & Anneliese Wilson

Number of students enrolled: 71,855

Duration of the course: 5+ hours

Format of the course: Video

Ratings: 4.4

Click here to check the current price of this course on Udemy.

5. How To Build A Killer Content Calendar

If you’re looking to ramp up your social media content then this is the course for you.

For a business, social media, in essence, is all about creating killer content & promoting the same to its followers or fans. Such promotion can either be organic or paid.

Now, when it comes to content, I find most businesses making the same mistake. They keep posting random stuff every now & then without proper strategy or planning.

Your followers aren’t interested in numerous random stuff about business. They’ve followed your business or brand with a purpose. That purpose may be entertainment, discount, news, etc.

So, understand your target audience purpose & plan your content accordingly.

The best way to do that is by creating a content calendar & following the same. Your calendar needs to be planned in a way that it ensures a proper mix of various kind of content i.e text, infographics, images, videos, statistics, update, etc.

In this course, you’ll learn the following:

  • How to create original social media content
  • How to repurpose your old social media posts
  • The concept of calendar creation
  • Content batching
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • How to use Trello to plan content
  • How to make a post viral
  • The art of scheduling content

Meliss Jakubovic is the creator of this course. She’s an online marketing strategist who has helped numerous businesses to shape up their online presence. She’s also the founder of the marketing agency “Meliss Marketing”.

This course is unique. It focuses on a part that most other social media gurus ignore i.e content creation.

Remember, for long-term social media success, you got to create consistent content. There’s simply NO other way out. Ads can only bring temporary results.

Instructor’s name: Meliss Jakubovic

Number of students enrolled: 33

Duration of the course: 1+ hours

Format of the course: Video

Ratings: 4.9

Click here to check the current price of this course on Udemy.

6. The Complete Facebook Sales Funnel Blueprint Course

This advanced course is for someone who’s looking to use Facebook as a starting point of his or her sales funnel.

But, what exactly is a sale funnel?. And, how does Facebook help you create one?.

Let me explain:

A sale funnel is a funnel that helps you capture a lead & convert that lead into a customer.

Example: Imagine you see a Facebook ad from a social media marketing agency. When you click on the ad, you’re taken to a landing page wherein you can download a FREE social media trends’ report. To download the report, you’ll have to enter your email address. You do that.

The next day, you find the agency sending you more emails & more reports. After a few days, you find the agency sending you an email & trying to sell a low-ticket product or service. If you click & buy the low-ticket item, you’ll be redirected further to a high-ticket product (this is called upsell). And, so on…

Makes sense?.

That’s called a sale funnel. The social media agency didn’t directly pitch their product or service to you. Instead, they took you through their well-designed sale funnel.

Sales funnels generally tend to have better conversion rates than direct response marketing. Why?. Because with sales funnels, you get ample opportunity to create trust & confidence in the minds of your prospects. More trust means more sales. Yes, it’s that simple.

Facebook can be an excellent tool to help you create a sale funnel. All you need is a killer funnel strategy. What happens if your ideal customer visits your Facebook page?. What happens if your target happens clicks on your ad?. Those are a few opportunities where you can add leads to your sale funnel.

In this course, you’ll learn the following:

  • The concept of lead magnet & how to create one
  • What are email autoresponders & how do they work
  • How to build a high converting landing page
  • How to drive targeted traffic from Facebook to your landing page
  • How to automate Facebook sales funnel
  • Step by step guide to run a Facebook ad
  • How to organically drive traffic to your Facebook funnel

Diego Davila is the trainer of this course. He’s an entrepreneur & a social media strategist. He has produced more than 42+ courses to date.

This is perhaps the best social media marketing course for advanced marketers. It is focused on helping you sell products using sales funnels.

For beginners, I wouldn’t recommend this course. Get yourself acquainted first with the basics of social media marketing. Grow your follower base. And, then you can always experiment with advanced tactics like sales funnels.

Instructor’s name: Diego Davila

Number of students enrolled: 11,026

Duration of the course: 12+ hours

Format of the course: Video

Ratings: 4.5

Click here to check the current price of this course on Udemy.

7. Pinterest Marketing: Using Pinterest For Business Growth

If you’re into eCommerce, then do definitely checkout this course.

Pinterest is a popular social media platform especially used by eCommerce shoppers.

Basically, this is how Pinterest works:

A Pinterest user finds an interesting product on the internet & pins the same on his “board”. Other users or his or her followers find the pin on their Pinterest feed. They may re-pin the pin if they like the product. That’s how the pin spreads across the Pinterest platform.

With more than 250 million users, Pinterest can be a powerful social medium.

If you’re finding it difficult to organically grow your Pinterest profile then try out the “Promoted Pins”.

In this course, you’ll learn the following:

  • Overview of Pinterest platform
  • The basics of Pinterest
  • How to create & organize boards
  • How to optimize a Pinterest landing page
  • Preparing Pinterest creatives (Pin images)
  • Master guide on how to pin for maximum engagement & sharing
  • How to use Pinterest analytics

JC Marzett is the creator & trainer of this course. She is a business strategist with more than 27+ years of experience.

The best part of this course is its simplicity. If you’re willing to learn the basics of the Pinterest platform then look no further. Go for this course.

Instructor’s name: JC Marrett

Number of students enrolled: 4,327

Duration of the course: 2+ hourse

Format of the course: Video

Ratings: 4.4

Click here to check the current price of this course on Udemy.

8. LinkedIn Marketing: Build A Brand & Generate Leads

If you’re into B2B marketing, then this social media marketing course is for you.

LinkedIn is the holy-grail of B2B marketing. It’s a platform that helps connect professionals from various verticals & industries.

Think of LinkedIn as the Facebook of the professional world.

This is how LinkedIn works:

You discover like-minded professionals (your ideal clients) & request for a “connection” with them. If that professional is also interested in connecting with you then he or she accepts the “connection” request. Once connected, you can send messages or pitch for your product or services to your connection.

Alternatively, you can share a post on your feed. The same will be shown to all your connections.

Yes, you can also run paid paid ads on LinkedIn as well.

In this course, you’ll learn the following:

  • The basics of LinkedIn marketing
  • How to design a professional LinkedIn profile to attract the right people
  • How to publish articles on LinkedIn & build authority
  • The art of building professional relationships on LinkedIn
  • How to find leads on LinkedIn & convert them

Ali Mirza is the creator of this course. He has got more than 10+ years of experience in the social media industry. Having worked with several businesses & startups, he knows what he’s talking about.

Robust coverage of LinkedIn marketing is the hallmark of this course. I recommend this course to all B2B digital marketers.

Instructor’s name: Ali Mirza

Number of students enrolled: 2,794

Duration of the course: 2+ hours

Format of the course: Video

Ratings: 4.5

Click here to check the current price of this course on Udemy.

9. The Complete Twitter Marketing Bootcamp

If you’re looking to strengthen your Twitter marketing game, then this is the course for you.

With more than 321 million users, Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms.

Twitter is all about sharing updates (in multiple formats) as “Tweets”. It’s widely used by brands to share an update or to promote stuff.

Marketing on Twitter can either be organic or paid.

Organically, you can tweet with relevant hashtags. As & when users discover your post (via hashtags), they may re-tweet the same to their followers. The more re-tweet your tweet gets, the more exposure your twitter profile gets.

And, the more exposure your profile gets, the more followers you would get.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to grow organically, you can always opt for Twitter ads. That means your tweet will be promoted by Twitter to its millions of users.

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You’ll learn the following in this social media marketing course:

  • Introduction to Twitter
  • How to create a killer Twitter strategy
  • How to attract targeted followers
  • The art of building a relationship with your followers
  • How to convert followers into leads
  • Step by step guide to Twitter Ads
  • The tools needed to amplify your Twitter marketing

Ali Mirza is the trainer of this course.

The best part about this course is the fact that it covers Twitter marketing extensively. You’ll get to know the various nuts & bolts of Twitter marketing.

Instructor’s name: Ali Mirza

Number of students enrolled: 3,540

Duration of the course: 2+ hours

Format of the course: Video

Ratings: 4.6

Click here to check the current price of this course on Udemy.

10. Complete Twitch Streaming Tutorial Series

So, have you heard of Twitch?

It’s a social media platform where gamers can live stream their games & chat with other gamers from around the world.

With 2.2 million active users, Twitch is something you can’t ignore as a social media marketer. Especially if you or your client is into gaming/tech related stuff.

This is one of the highest rated social media marketing courses on Udemy.

In this course, you’ll learn the following:

  • PS4 + Xbox hardware setup
  • How to setup PC streaming
  • How to setup OBS
  • Everything about graphic overlays
  • Connecting with other streamers or gamers
  • Nightbot, song requests, commands & giveaways
  • Scene breaks
  • Everything about donations, panels, banners, etc.

Craig Bryant is the instructor of this course. He has got more than 15+ years of experience in the video editing field.

The best part of this course is that it focuses on a niche social media platform i.e twitch. Twitch is very popular among tech enthusiasts & has lesser competition as compared to other social media websites. Lesser competition means easy opportunity for digital marketers like you.

Instructor’s name: Craig Bryant

Number of students enrolled: 219

Duration of the course: 3+ hours

Format of the course: Video

Ratings: 4.8

Click here to check the current price of this course on Udemy.


Yes, social media is competitive. But that’s because it works & what works will obviously invite the crowd.

But with the aforesaid courses, it’s possible to win at social media marketing.

If you’re a beginner then I recommend you to try the social media marketing course (#2).

For intermediates, the social media marketing ads mastery course (#1) is perfect.

And, for advanced social media marketers, the complete Facebook sales funnel blueprint course (#6) is recommended.

So, go ahead, & take a course or two from the list. You’ll be amazed by the stuff you learn. At the end of the course, you’ll emerge as a better social media marketer.

Explore. Enroll. Emerge.

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