The Chinese Bamboo Tree : An Important Lesson For Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, do you sometimes feel like giving up ?. If yes, then this inspiring story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree is for you.

You're working hard but still aren't seeing positive result. You think the world is an unfair place. You're starting to loose patience & are about the give up.

Does the aforesaid situation resonate with you?

This happens to every budding entrepreneur. Because, entrepreneurship is all about risk. And, with risk, comes insecurity & negative thoughts. What if your business doesn't grow the way you want?. What's gonna happen to your kids?. I've myself been through this.

At 26, my first startup failed miserably. I had lost $ 30,000 in the process. With no money or job, I had started doubting my abilities. I could've easily given up on my dream of being independent. I could've taken a comfortable job. That's what my friends & family were advising. However, I was clear with what I wanted in life. I wanted to be independent. Hell bent, I started a new business with almost no money. Today, I'm touching a revenue of $ 25,000 every month. And, leading a team of around 8 people.

It's all about persistence. Don't lose hope. Good things do take time.

Your effort, sweat, patience & hard work will surely be rewarded. Just keep moving forward.


The Struggle Is Real

A farmer digs the soil & plants the Chinese Bamboo Tree seeds into it. Next, he covers the seeds with soil (levelling with the ground). And, as with other trees, he starts watering the soil.

He continues watering the soil the first few days. But alas, he sees no sign of growth. Nothing. Zero.

A few weeks & months pass by. The farmer still waters the soil. And, still, he sees no sign of the Chinese Bamboo Tree growing.

He resists his desire of digging the soil & checking the seeds.

A year passes.. And still the farmer hasn't lost hope. He waters the plant everything every single day.

The soil is fertile. The seeds are getting water. Then, how come no growth since past 1 year?.

Rock Bottom

The farmer refuses to give up. All through the second year, he keeps watering the soil despite seeing no sign of growth. The soil is in same shape as it was a year ago when he had planted the Chinese Bamboo Tree seeds.

Third year. No growth. But the farmer is adamant & keeps watering the soil.

Fourth year. Still nothing to see. But here's a farmer who believes in his efforts & so keeps watering the soil everyday. He stills resists to dig the soil & check the seeds.

Doing Work

While other farmers could've easily been distracted & given up, this farmer is different. He believes as along as he does his work deligently, he'll surely be rewarded. If not today, then tomorrow.

He keeps watering the soil as usual.

The Big Moment

Enter the Fifth year.

On fine morning, the farmer goes to water the soil (as usual) & suddenly stops there.

He couldn't believe his eyes. The big moment had come. The Chinese Bamboo Tree's sapling was clearly visible.

His joy's knew no bounds. He started jumping in excitement.

The best part?

The Chinese Bamboo Tree went on to grow 80 feet tall in just 6 weeks. Yes, you heard it right.

Lessons Learnt


Why didn't the Chinese Bamboo Tree grow immediately?. What was it doing for four years?

The answer is: The Chinese Bamboo Tree was preparing it's roots for the first four years. Or else, how could it support it's height of 80 feet.

Everything happens for a reason. Your business may be struggling because it's foundation hasn't still been made. May be the roots need to be more stronger. Allow some more time & never stop nurturing your business.

Once the roots of your business are completely made, you'll suddenly see tremendous growth.


You may not know how close you're to success when you give up. May be a day away or may be a month. Coming so close & quitting isn't fair.

Be patient & your business will start turning around. Rome wasn't built in a day. Similarly, your venture won't succeed overnight.

And, as a wise man once said - "By not quitting, you at least have a chance".


In today's time, it's so easy to get distracted. There's social media, phone call, TV, NetFlix & what not. We're losing focus on what's important in our lives.

If one of your friends is running a successful boutique business, you too want to change your line of business & start a similar boutique.

And, the online gurus are making the matter worse. They keep shouting that you can make easy money sitting in the comfort of your house.

With these distractions in place, it's difficult to calm your mind & focus on your work. Yes, it takes work to succeed. We're ignoring this simple lesson.


It's easy to loose faith on ourselves. We often doubt our abilities. And, we aren't the only ones to blame for that.

Our super-hero-kind-of hollywood movies make us believe that we're inferior. We don't possess power like the super-hero does. We can't race around at 180 miles per hour & spin our cars in air without getting hurt.

And, our beloved social media makes us believe that other people's lives are better than us.

These all cumulatively destroys our confidence & we start doubting our existence.


We've made our lives too complex. In today's world, "hacks", "idea", "innovation" are given precedence over boring words like – "Hardwork", "discipline" etc.

Everybody wants instant result. We all are in a hurry.

In this race of instant results, we've forgotten a basic that our forefathers taught us – "Those who work hard will never fail". It all boils down to this simple truth.

You need to work hard consistently to see results. If your sales are dwindling, 10X your efforts. Call more customers. Approach more customers.

In the holy book of Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says:

Focus on efforts. Don't worry about the results.

Don't obsess with the result. You may fail over & over again. But never ever try to substitute hard work with a shiny object that marketers are trying to sell.


I understand. Success isn't easy. But, who on earth promised it to be easy?. It's no fun if it ain't hard. Agree?

So, go out there will full force & give your best. Leave the rest.

Consistent hard work, patience & focus will take you where you always wanted to be. You now already know the formula of success. Don't you?.

Hard Work. Patience. Focus.