An online store is all about selling your products or services through a website or an application. A free online store is an online store that you can build without incurring any cost.

As per a study of eMarketer, B2C worldwide e-commerce sales is about to touch 2,356 billion US dollars in the year 2018.

free online store with unlimited products

As can be seen in the aforesaid chart, the online sales figures have only been increasing from year to year. Needless to say, the future belongs to the online sellers.

From a seller point of view, there are various advantages of selling online:

  • Unlimited potential customers
  • Lesser fixed costs (like store rent & salary)
  • No need to keep inventory (marketplace model)

But, all that glitters is not gold. There are disadvantages of selling online as well:

  • Difficult to get website visitors
  • Cut-throat competition from bigger players like Amazon

Despite the disadvantages, online stores are here to stay & flourish. After all, they are one of the most cost-effective ways for small businesses, startups & brands to reach to millions of customers.

In fact, the world’s richest entrepreneur Jeff Bezos is the founder of one of the largest e-commerce stores Sure, the potential for an online store is huge.

So, should you start with a free online store or a paid online store?

For beginners, I strongly recommend a free online store because that helps you to validate your products, ideas & market without spending a penny.

How do you choose a free online store? I prefer to focus on the core requirements like:

  • Code-free
  • Built-in templates
  • Drag & drop builder
  • Unlimited products
  • Payment integration
  • Custom add-ons

But, yes, as you start getting some traffic & sales, try to upgrade to a solid e-commerce platform. Trust me, in long run, you won’t regret paying them.

Time to start diving & explore top 3 best free online store websites that allow listing of unlimited products.


1. Wix

Wix is my number #1 choice when it comes to building a free online store with unlimited products.

This is, undoubtedly, the fastest way you can build an online store (you don’t even need a domain name). All you have to do is sign up, select a template, customize as per your needs & install add-ons. Done, your website is live!


The templates are beautiful, free & ready to be installed. And, yes, they have templates based on your niche or product category.

With drag-and-drop customizer, you can mold any part of your website to suit your specific needs. Whether it’s text, image, video or colors, you simply can change anything.

To take your store further up you may need some add-ons like bookings, sign up forms, live chat etc. Well, this is where their apps come into play. Install them at no extra cost.

Once you are ready, hit the publish button to make your store live & start earning.

Note that with the free plan, you can’t go for your own domain name like www.[your-store].com. Instead, you will have to settle for a Wix domain name like [your-store] With the premium plan, you can use your own domain name.

The social feedback of Wix is impressive.

Click here to start creating your online website with Wix.

2. FreeWebStore

Though (overall) not as powerful as Wix, FreeWebStore does deliver what it promises – an absolutely free online store with unlimited products.

With more than half a million customers, you can rest assured that your store is in safe hands.

Like Wix, you can choose from a number of templates to get started.

What I love about FreeWebStore is that it has got an array of built-in features related to stock management like stock alerts, restock reminder, order emails, order tracking etc.

And, yes, they do seamlessly integrate with major payment gateways.

If you are looking for an online store builder with strong product & stock management features then FreeWebStore should be your choice.

Please note that with their free plan you can’t create your own custom pages. For that, you need to upgrade to their premium plan.

I checked their social profile & found it to be impressive.

Click here to start creating your online website with FreeWebStore

3. SquareUp

Basically, SquareUp is into providing financial services to its merchant clients. Nevertheless, as an add-on, it offers an absolutely free website store (gold mine!).

To get started you will need to pick up a template or theme, customize your site design & set up your products.

Unlike other builders, SquareUp doesn’t complicate things with a ton of features. If you simply need to sell your stuff online & nothing more then SquareUp should be your first choice.

However on the downside, if you would want more like apps then SquareUp may disappoint you. It is simply not built to support advanced e-commerce features like other platforms do.

Needless to say, with SquareUp online store, you will also be getting SquareUp secured payment gateway pre-integrated.

If you already have got a domain name then you can use the same to point to your SquareUp store. Learn here how.

I checked up the social profile of SquareUp & found it to be impressive.

Click here to start building an e-commerce store with SquareUp

So, the verdict is out.

If you need a beautiful free online store with overall great features then you should consider Wix.

For robust product & stock related features, FreeWebStore should be your choice.

If you need a simple e-commerce store with only basic features then SquareUp is perfect.

And, if you are serious about building your brand online then as soon as you start getting some traction, please consider using a more professional e-commerce platform like Shopify.

What do you think of the aforesaid tools? Which one would you choose for your new e-commerce venture? Comment below.