Look To Solve Just One of Your Customers' Problems. Here's Why

What’s the problem your products are going to solve for your customers?

Did you come up with an answer?


If you just listed more than one problem that means your marketing needs fine-tuning.

Look your product or service shouldn’t try to solve every problem under the sun. That way you’re trying to impress everyone without a customer avatar in your mind.

Think of your ideal customer.

  • What’s her age?
  • What’s her education & profession?
  • What car does she love to drive?
  • What’s her income?
  • What’s her favorite book?
  • What’s her favorite social media platform?
  • What’s her favorite movies?
  • What does she dream about?
  • What’s her biggest fear?
  • What’s she afraid to lose?
  • How does she make decisions?
  • Who does she trust & ask for advice?
  • The 3 most important things in her life?

Answering the aforesaid questions will help you to craft a custom avatar to which your product or service should talk to.

Your brand name, color, tag line or website should specifically only speak to your customer avatar. A business that tries

Here’re a few examples of niche businesses:

  • An ecommerce shoe store entirely dedicated for kids
  • A vegetarian pizza shop
  • A cold drink that helps in digestion

Does niching down your business or product work? Absolutely.

Look at the examples around you – Starbucks, NPE Fitness (Marketing only for gym owners), Diapers.com, Ties.com, LuluLemon Athletica, etc.

Makes sense?

So, what problem is your product, service or business solving?. Pick just one problem & reframe your marketing around that. You’ll be surprised with the outcome.