How To Boost Product Sales On Amazon (10 Easy Hacks)

In this post, I would be talking about how to boost product sales on Amazon. Here you will find all possible tips & tricks to increase sales on Amazon marketplace.

Amazon is one of the world’s largest eCommerce marketplaces. It has got a presence in more than 15 significant countries like the US, the UK. Canada, India, France etc.

Being a marketplace means Amazon doesn’t directly sell or deal in products listed on its platform. Instead, they have a network of sellers who register, list & sell products.

For every sale made on its platform, Amazon charges a fixed commission or fees. So, basically, Amazon marketplace is a win-win opportunity for both Amazon & sellers alike. While sellers have access to the huge customer base, Amazon gets access to the inventory of sellers.

In short, for sellers, it’s all about sales. And, for Amazon, it’s all about a cut or commission on the sales.

The popularity of Amazon can be gauged from the fact that there are a whopping 2 million sellers worldwide!!

In fact, some of the sellers have gone to make more than $10K a month!!

But, everything that glitters isn’t gold. As you may be aware, there is huge competition in the selling space.

Therefore, you need to execute the following hacks to boost product sales on Amazon.


1. Nail The Amazon SEO

This is the first & most important hack to boost product sales on Amazon.

The idea behind this hack is the optimize your product listing around a keyword (that people search for on Amazon). Hence the name Amazon SEO (Search engine optimization).

Amazon uses an algorithm referred to as A9 to show relevant products for search queries.

For example: If a user searches for “bag clips” then Amazon would use its algorithm to pull out the best products for the keyword (“bag clips”) & show them to the user.

how to boost product sales on amazon1
how to boost product sales on amazon2

But, how does Amazon rank its products for a search query?. Simple. Its A9 algorithm looks for:

  • Relevance
  • Performance

Relevance means showing products that are relevant to the search term. And, performance means showing products that have the highest probability of conversion (sale).

Let’s first focus on the relevance part. I will talk about the performance factor later.

To make products relevant to a search term, you will need to find a keyword(s) & optimize your product listings around that keyword. This optimization is also known as Amazon SEO.

To find keywords (also known as keyword research), you need a tool like AMZTracker. Alternatively, you may use Amazon’s auto-suggest feature to get some keyword ideas.

how to boost product sales on amazon4

Next, follow through these steps:

Product Title

Make sure that your target keyword is included in the product title (preferably to the leftmost).

Continuing with the aforesaid example,

how to boost product sales on amazon3

An SEO optimized product title should include:

  • Brand name
  • Keyword (Product name/Description included)
  • Key Feature
  • Variant (Size, color, material etc.).

Please make sure that you do not stuff your title with more than one keyword.

Seller Central Backend Search Terms

As warned earlier, you should not stuff your title with more than one keyword. The right place to do that is in the seller central.

On the product listing edit page, click on keywords & enter the following:

  • Related keywords
  • Keyword combinations
  • Synonyms
  • Misspelled (but related) keywords
  • Keyword extensions
  • Long tail keywords
how to boost product sales on amazon5

You can feed a number of target keywords here with space in between two keywords. There is no need to use a comma in between.

Bullet Points (& Product Description)

After title & backend search terms, bullet points are the most important factors for Amazon SEO.

Here, you can feed those keywords that could not find a place in title & backend search terms. But, make sure that these keywords are relevant to the product.

how to boost product sales on amazon6

Seller Name

Preferably your seller name should include the root keyword. Example: If you are selling bags then your seller name can be something like Bag Store, Bag Centre, Bag Online etc.

Brand Name

It’s a good practice to include your product’s brand name in the product title, backend search terms, bullet points & descriptions. Also, make sure to include the brand name in the backend brand name field.

how to boost product sales on amazon7

The idea behind using the brand name is to rank high when a user searches for a product using the brand name. Example: If a user searches for “Nike” instead of “Sports shoe”.

So, the relevance factor has been covered. In the remaining part of this post, I shall be focusing on the performance factor.

2. Optimize Product Images & Description

Product images & description play a very crucial role in the success of a product.

Make sure that the product images are:

  • Having a white background
  • Clearly visible (Take care of the size & lighting)
  • High resolution
  • Showcasing all angles & scenarios
  • At least 5 in number

Make sure that the product description is:

  • Focusing more on benefits (than on features)
  • Using stats & facts
  • Telling a story
  • Grammatically correct
  • Using power & emotional words
  • Answering product-related FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Example of an awesome product description:

how to boost product sales on amazon8

You can hire product listing experts to craft professional product descriptions that sell.

3. Improve CTR & Conversion Rates

CTR & conversion rates are two major product ranking factors in Amazon.

CTR means Click-Through-Rate. It is the percentage of clicks on the number of impressions. Example: If your product gets 100 impressions (seen 100 times by users) & 5 clicks then the CTR comes to 5%.

You can check the CTR of your products on the Amazon seller central dashboard. Go to Report > Business reports > Detail Page Sales and traffic.

To improve CTR you need to:

  • Entice product title with power & emotional words
  • Use the brand name in the title
  • Use attractive images
  • Add curiosity element to title & images

In my humble opinion, anything over & above 10% is considered as a good CTR. Though it also depends on the product category.

The conversion rate is the percentage of sales on the number of clicks. Example: If your product attracted 100 clicks & got 2 sales out of those then the conversion rate comes to 2%.

To improve conversion rates, you need to:

  • Write product descriptions that sell
  • Offer the best product price
  • Add product videos (Take expert help if needed)
  • Answer product queries
  • Include as much technical details as possible
  • Opt for Amazon FBA
  • Request customers to share reviews

In my humble opinion, anything over & above 4% is considered a good conversion rate. Though it also depends on the product category.

You can check the conversion rate of your products on the Amazon seller central dashboard. Go to Report > Business reports > Detail Page Sales and traffic.

Amazon wants to rank products that do well with sales. Because that’s what it ultimately wants!. Yes, more sales.

The more you do well with CTR & conversion rates, the more Amazon will push your products upwards.

4. Offer Your Best Product Price

On Amazon, to get a ton of sales, you need to win the buy box.

Buy box is nothing but the purchase box (with “Add to cart” button) available on the product page. Example: A speaker may be being sold by many sellers. But only one seller’s product will win the buy box & his/her product will appear on that speaker’s product page.

how to boost product sales on amazon9

But, how do you win the buy box?. Apart from performance, Amazon looks at the product price as a major deciding factor.

So, make sure you offer your best price to win the buy box.

Now, to sell at the best price, you will have to source your products at the best rates. Follow these tips:

  • Get quotes from multiple suppliers
  • Prefer to buy from factories
  • Buy in bulk (for trade discount)
  • Explore the option of import (Use platforms like Alibaba)

Long story short, try to find that fine balance between volume & profit margin.

5. Opt For Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is a feature offered by Amazon to it sellers wherein Amazon:

  • Stores, packs & ships the products.
  • Provides post-order support to customers.

So, with Amazon FBA, you as a seller just need to source & deliver the products to Amazon fulfillment centers. Rest is taken care of by Amazon itself.

But, how will this boost product sales on Amazon?. Let me explain.

Amazon gives preference to FBA products in its search results. So, if your products are covered by FBA, they may rank higher in the search results.

Also, the conversion rates of FBA products are generally higher as compared to Non-FBA products. This happens because users prefer & trust FBA products due to:

  • Fast shipping
  • Quality Assurance
  • Reliable customer support

And, for Amazon Prime customers, FBA products also come with “free shipping” tag.

how to boost product sales on amazon11

6. Reply To Product Queries

A product query is a great opportunity to convert a visitor into a customer. Make sure that you answer them with as many details as possible.

Also, answers to product query act as an extension of the product description. So, they help in improving conversions & boosting sales.

Here is an example of product queries & related answers:

how to boost product sales on amazon12

Generally, you should be getting an email notification as & when a visitor asks a question. So, make sure you follow the link & reply promptly.

7. Monitor Seller Metrics

Seller metrics have the direct impact on how the seller is positioned in the Amazon marketplace. The better the metrics, the better visibility your products would get.

The key metrics that you should be tracking are:

  • Unit session percentage
  • Order defect rate
  • Cancellation rate
  • Late shipment rate
  • Inventory status
  • Product ratings
  • Seller rating
  • Buy box percentage

The unit session percentage is nothing but the conversion rate. It is derived by dividing units ordered with the number of sessions. Go to business reports > Detail page sales & traffic to see the figure.

how to boost product sales on amazon14

Order defect rate is the number of defective orders divided by the total number of orders. An order is considered defective if it earns a negative feedback or if a refund request is denied by the seller.

Cancellation rate is the number of canceled orders (initiated by the seller) divided by the total number of orders.

Late shipment rate is the number of orders fulfilled after the expected ship date divided by the total number of orders.

Check the aforesaid metrics under Performance > Account Health

how to boost product sales on amazon16

Inventory reports under the inventory menu will give you the inventory status. Make sure you refill the stock as soon as its due.

Product ratings are ratings specific to a particular product. Check the same by going to the product page.

Seller rating is the rating specific to a particular seller. Check the same on your seller dashboard(Under “Customer feedback”).

Buy box percentage is the percentage of times your offer is shown on the product page. If your price offer is shown 90 times out of 100 times a product page is viewed then the buy box percentage comes to 90%. Look at this metric in business reports > Detail page sales & traffic.

how to boost product sales on amazon13

To improve your sales on Amazon, make sure to improve the aforesaid critical metrics.

If you hate numbers, then try out Quantify. It’s an effective tool to help generate easy-to-understand Amazon reports.

8. Try Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

Amazon sponsored product ads are a great way to instantly boost product sales on Amazon.

Once a user searches for a product, Amazon shows two sets of results. A large set of organic results (based on performance & relevance). And, a small set of paid results (Sponsored ad results).

For example: If I type the keyword “jeans” in the search box & hit enter, I get the following results.

how to boost product sales on amazon17

But please note that you need to win the buy box to be able to start a sponsored product ads campaign.

To launch a campaign, go to Advertising > Campaign manager > Create campaign.

On the campaign page, select manual targeting if you want to specify your own set of target keywords. By default, automatic targeting is selected (Amazon automatically derives a set of target keywords based on the product information).

I recommend using manual targeting instead.

Under manual targeting, you will need to set a bid for each of your target keyword. I recommend to start with a low bid & see how if you are getting impressions. If not then try to increase the bid. (The bid is nothing but the amount you are willing to pay for one click).

And, irrespective of the targeting method, you will also need to set a daily budget. That will be the maximum amount you want to spend on Amazon ads per day.

Ignite is a great tool that can help you manage Amazon sponsored product ads effectively.

9. Encourage Customer Reviews

The customer review is one of the significant ranking factors on Amazon. And, rightly so because reviews help Amazon know more about the quality of the product. The better the feedback, the more likely Amazon will rank the product higher.

For visitors, reviews act like a social proof. Therefore, products with better ratings enjoy higher sales.

So, encourage your customers to leave a review after their purchases. How?. Follow these steps:

  • Go to Orders > Manage Orders
  • Open an order > Contact buyer
how to boost product sales on amazon18
  • In the window, write an email requesting the buyer to leave a review. Use these awesome email templates, if you need one.

Please note that it’s against Amazon’s policy to offer any kind of incentive to customers in exchange for a review. So, be careful.

If you want to automate the process of asking feedback from your customers then try out Feedback Genius.

10. Tie-Up With Amazon Influencers

For high-ticket products, buyers generally trust 3rd party expert reviews before deciding to purchase. These 3rd party experts are also known as influencers. They have deep domain knowledge & huge fan following. Therefore, their followers ardently follow their advice.

The influencers reviews can be in the form of:

  • Youtube videos
  • Social media posts
  • Blogs
  • Print media
  • Podcasts etc.

To promote Amazon products, influencers generally enroll in the official Amazon affiliate program. So, as & when a buyer buys a product using influencers’ product links, the influencers earn affiliate income from Amazon.

This hack is simply all about requesting these Amazon influencers to promote your products. You can find a list of Amazon influencers on platforms like Of course, the influencers will charge fees to promote your products to their audience.

Take care to shortlist only those influencers that are specific to your niche.


It’s not at all a tough task to increase product sales on Amazon. All you need to do is follow the above-listed hacks & strategies.

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What do you think of the aforesaid hacks to boost product sales on Amazon?. Please comment below.

If you want help with Amazon sales, you can reach me here or explore our ready-made service to boost Amazon sales.