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In 2016, I started my first business.

It failed within a year. And, I lost $ 30,000 in the process.

Left with little money in my bank account, I was struggling to survive. The situation was such that I couldn't pay my room rent. The landlord took my laptop away saying that I would get it back once I clear my rent dues. I was dieting on snacks because I didn't had enough to afford a full meal.

To make the matter worse, I went into depression. I couldn't believe that my dream business had died. How could that happen? What went wrong?

With no option left, I returned to my home town. I took a brief break to get into a proper mental shape. Thereafter, I went ahead to decode this thing called "business". I read hundreds of books/blogs/journals, watched videos, attended seminars & what not. The idea was to gain as much business knowledge as possible.

"Knowledge is power" - Sir Francis Bacon.

At the end of 2017, I decided to borrow some money from my parents & start my second business. Steadily, my business grew brick-by-brick. I made mistakes in the process, learnt from them & rectified quickly. My learning didn't stop. I kept reading, listening & watching business content.

Fast forward today, my business clocks a MRR (monthly recurring revenue) of $ 40,000 a month . That's a cool six figures a year!.

I started this blog/newsletter in 2018 to share business lessons you can use to grow your own business. I don't want you to repeat the same mistakes I did.

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