Objections & Promise: The 2 Sides of A Brand

In your industry, what’s the biggest objections the customers?

You’re selling insurance, the biggest objection may be the technicalities your customers don’t understand.

You’re selling razors, the biggest objection may be that the customers are unsure about how long the razor will last.

You’re selling potatoes, the biggest objection may be the freshness or staleness.

The idea is simple. Arrive at the biggest objection of your customers & craft a promise based on that objection.

“Pizza home delivered within 30 minutes or it’s free”.

You guessed it right. That’s the promise of the Domino’s pizza. Does it even need an introduction?

Domino’s was smart to understand the biggest objection the customers have in pizza industry (that’s late delivery) & coined a promise based on the objection.


Now, don’t just make a vague promise that every other marketer is making.

Pro Tip: Make your promise unique & specific.

By unique, I mean the promise should be such that it disrupts the attention of your customers. A promise which your customers haven’t heard in the past.

By specific, I mean the promise should have a specific element that can be measured.

A few examples:

  • “An insurance policy that can easily be explained by a 10-year old”
  • “An eCommerce store where each product is checked 7 times before dispatch”
  • “A gym where results are tracked daily”

So, what’s your promise?

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