Outlinematic Reviews: The #1 Amazon FBA Packaging Designer?

Are you looking for an Amazon FBA packaging designer?. Then, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, I’m going to review Outlinematic, one of the most popular FBA packaging designers.

Amazon is a competitive marketplace. You can’t simply get a product, slap the same there & expect to become a six-figure seller. That’s not how it happens.

Winning the Amazon game requires you to get multiple variables right (like product quality, SEO, branding, communication, customer experience, etc.).

Out of all the aforesaid, branding is perhaps is the second most important element (after product quality).

A great brand will help your product become memorable. It’ll also improve a few of the key metrics that’re crucial for your Amazon success (CTR, conversion rate, visits, etc).

However, it’s easier said than done. Most design/branding agencies out there charge a lot even for a simple design. And, the worst part is that the output isn’t even worth it.

So, what’s the solution for Amazon sellers like us?. How can we go ahead & make our products stand out in the ocean of big brands?

That’s where Outlinematic makes a huge difference. It’s a niche agency that’s completely focused on helping Amazon sellers brand their products. And, that too at an affordable price.

The Origin of Outlinematic

In 2017, Miriska Harris was working as an Industrial Designer at Bumbo, a toy products manufacturer in Rosslyn, USA.

At Bumbo, she was responsible for product designing. Since, packaging is related to the product, she got fascinated with the packaging design as well.

Her husband, Michael Harris at that point in time suggested her to take up a few designing project (as a freelancer) during her free time.

Initially she hesitated but then decided to give the idea a try. She quickly set up a design website (Outlinematic) & started working on a few projects.

During her initial days as an independent designer, she could see that more inquiries were coming from Amazon private label FBA sellers. They wanted her to design their product packages for Amazon FBA. That was her eureka moment. She thought about re-branding Outlinematic as an exclusive Amazon product packaging design company.

Well, that decision helped sky-rocket the popularity of Outlinematic. While other design agencies were focusing on everything under the sun, Miriska found a niche market. The best part?. It worked.

Fast forward now, Miriska & Michael have served more than 2,800 Amazon sellers. What an incredible achievement!

Presently, Miriska is the co-founder & design director at Outlinematic. On the other hand, Michael takes care of the marketing & finance stuff.

Miriska can be found on LinkedIn & Twitter (though she last used her Twitter in 2016).

Here’s Miriska herself speaking about her journey & Outlinematic:

In today's Episode, I bring on a special guest Miriska Harris, The Co-Founder of Outlinematic, a company specialized in product branding with a focus in #privatelabel sellers on #Amazon. . Join me Mon-Sat with a new episode of The Under Dawgs Daily Live!

Geplaatst door Bashar J Katou op Maandag 22 april 2019

Click here to learn more about Outlinematic’s goal, vision & culture.

Services Offered

Outlinematic offers the following services:

  • Packaging design
  • Logo design
  • Infographics (To be added to the product description)
  • Enhanced Brand Content (Amazon HTML formatted custom product page)
  • Insert design
  • eBook design (To be added to the product description)

FBA Packaging Design

Packaging design is the core offering of Outlinematic. If you want to design your own private label product packaging then they’re someone who specialize in the same.

Your product packaging no doubt is gonna be the base of your branding efforts. Imagine an Amazon user searching for a particular product on Amazon. What do you think she’ll first notice on the results page?. Exactly, the product images or packages. The more attractive a product packaging is the more likely she’s going to click on the product link. In fact the same physology works in an offline retail store as well.

In short, a great packaging design will help you improve your Amazon CTR (Click-through-rate). That’ll result in more people coming to your product page. More traffic means more sales (generally).

Logo Design

If package design is out of your budget then you can simply pack your product in a poly bag & paste your logo sticker on it. But then again you at least need a logo. That’s where Outlinematic can help you.

A logo will help you establish a basic brand identity. Not every great brand had a great beginning. Some of them started humbly. So, start with a logo. As & when sales pick up you can always scale up your branding efforts.


Did you know that you can add infographics as an image of your product?. Infographics can help you differentiate your product from the competition & boost the conversion rate.

An infographic tells a visual story. As a result, it influences your prospects to buy your products.

Enchanced Brand Content

Enchanced brand content(EBC) is the custom Amazon product description page. That means you can format your text, images, add various HTML elements to your product descriptions. Of course, they’re onlu available for private label products & need to be approved by Amazon. Yes, Outlinematic can help you design your EBC Amazon pages.

An EBC is a great way to get rid of those dull & boring Amazon product descriptions. A visual product description will instantly catch the attention of your visitor & entice her to buy your product immediately.

Insert Design

Inserts are the leaflets that can be found inside the product pack. Think of it like an upgraded advertisement. Amazon sellers usually use these inserts to solicite product reviews & feedback. Outlinematic can help you design beautiful & professional inserts.

Remember that Amazon has got a guideline for product inserts. Make sure that you follow them strictly.

eBook Cover Design

If you’re an author or into selling of eBooks on Amazon, Outlinematic can help you design eBook covers.

All in all, Outlinematic offers end-to-end product packaging & brand design services under one roof.

Design Revisions

Revising design means requesting the designer to improve or change the design.

So, what happens if you’re not satisfied with the initial design provided by Outlinematic?. You can request the designer to revise the design as per your instructions.

Their website claims that you can request for unlimited number of revisions. That means you can request for revisions of your design unlimited times.

Payment & Refund

Outlinematic supports the following payment modes:

  • Credit card (mastercard, visa, american express & discover)
  • PayPal

What if you aren’t satisfied with the design even after multiple revisions?. Then, Outlinematic’s “100% money-back guarantee” has got you covered.

As per their refund policy, you can claim refund within 7 days of the project completion date.

Quality of Work

Now, let’s go through the portfolio of Outlinematic. How about their previous work?. Does it excite us?.

A great product packaging design should have the following characteristics:

  • The product title should stand out
  • A product purpose should be included (preferably below the title)
  • The uniqueness or USPs (Unique Selling Points) of the product should be highlighted
  • The color palettes should compliment the product
  • The logo should be simple & catchy
  • The product technical specifications like weight, color, size, etc. should be included
  • The Amazon packaging guidelines should be followed

Example 1:

outlinematic reviews1

Comment: The logo is simple yet elegant. The chosen fonts seem professional. And, so does the color palette. The USPs of the product have been highlighted on the side of the pack. The product title & purpose (Hemp pil extract) seem to be clearly visible.

Example 2:

outlinematic reviews2

Comment: The logo is completely visual. The title aptly stands out. However, the product purpose statement doesn’t seem to be visible. The USPs (pain relief, brain balance, etc) are cleanly stated. The background meditation theme compliments nicely with the product’s objective.

Example 3:

outlinematic reviews3

Comment: This product deserves a cool & fun-kind of packaging. And, Outlinematic has exactly done that. The logo has a larger-than-life kind of appeal. The title & product purpose have jazzy fonts. However, I would’ve liked to have a few USPs highlighted on the front face of the pack. Of course, a long product description has been included at the side of the pack.

Example 4:

Comment: The overall “soft feel” of a baby product is evident from the first look. However, I would’ve liked the logo (Milk & Kids) at the top of the pack. The USPs have been highlighted with bullet points. The product purpose rather seems to be long. Overall, a great pack that will appeal to parents.

Example 5:

Comment: The features have been highlighted in bullet points, that’s great. Though I’m not sure if “San Diego, CA” was required. The logo is beautiful & the product title has been emphasized.

Click here to explore the complete portfolio of Outlinematic.

Communication & Support

So, how do you communicate with Miriska & her team?.

Here’re the various communication channels supported by Outlinematic:

  • eMail (info@outlinematic.com)
  • Phone (+1 813 321-0833)
  • Contact form (available on the contact page of the website)
  • Facebook messenger (link available on the bottom right of the website)

The best part?. They claim to reply to their customers’ queries or  communication within 12 hours.


While most design agencies charge a lot for packaging design, Outlinematic’s pricing is affordable. And, perhaps it’s because they focus on Amazon sellers.

Outlinematic’s pricing is as follows:

  • All-Inclusive Package = $ 347
  • Packaging + Logo/Insert = $ 297
  • Packaging Design = $ 237
  • Logo Design = $ 147
  • Insert Design = $ 127
  • Infograpic Design = $ 147
  • Enchanced Brand Content = $ 297
  • E-Book Design = $ 189

All-Inclusive Package

As the name suggests, with an all-inclusive package you get everything: Packaging design + logo design + insert design + infographic design.

This is the package you should opt for if you don’t have a budget constraint & are willing to take your branding exercise seriously.

Packaging + Logo/Insert

This package includes packaging design & logo/insert design. You can either choose logo or insert design as a part of this package.

You should opt for this package if you want to brand your product but aren’t interested in the extras.

Packaging Design

With this package, you only get the packaging design service, the core strength of Outlinematic.

For $ 237 this is seriously a great deal for Amazon private label sellers. Go for it if all what you care is the packaging of your product.

Logo Design

Sometimes, to keep the product cost low, Amazon sellers avoid designed paper packaging all together & instead opt for poly bags. However, Amazon brand registry guidelines require you to at least paste your logo on such poly bags. So how do you go about?. Simple. Design a logo & paste the same on the poly bag.

So, if only want a professionally designed logo then go for this package.

Insert Design

This package will only help you design your product insert.

So, if you already have a product package design ready & need only an insert then go for it.

Infographics Design

This package will only help you design an infographic.

If you already have all branding in place & just need an infographic to boost your product description then this is the package you need.

Enchanced Brand Content Design

This package will help you create a custom product description page on Amazon. Also known as Enchaned Brand Content.

If you’re already done with branding & want to boost your conversion rate then this is a perfect package for you.

E-Book Design

This package will only help you with your e-book design.

So, if you’re an author & need an e-book cover then this package is for you.

Have custom project in mind?. Fill out the contact form & the Outlinematic team will send you across a custom quote.

Ordering Process

The ordering process at Outlinematic involves the following steps:

Step 1: Choose your package depending on your requirements & complete the payment

Step 2: Next up you’ll be redirected to the design brief page where you’ll need to fill up the following:

  • Target market
  • Project description
  • Link to existing products or competitors’ products
  • Deadline (if any)
  • Sketches, diagrams, images (optional)

Step 3: Receive the draft designs. Approve if satisfied. Request for revision if needed.

Step 4: Receive the final print/source design files.

Note that with the design brief, you’ll also get an option to upload a NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) in case you’ve a confidential project in mind.

Click here to access a sample design brief page of Outlinematic.

Order TAT (Turn Around Time)

The TAT will depend on your package & the complexity of your project. However, Outlinematic predicts the following time to complete each project:

  • All-Inclusive Package = 7 to 10 business days
  • Packaging + Logo/Insert Design = 6 to 8 business days
  • Packaging Design = 3 to 6 business days
  • Logo Design = 3 to 5 business days
  • Insert Design = 2 to 4 business days
  • Infographic Design = 4 to 6 business days
  • Enhanced Brand Content = 5 to 7 business days
  • E-Book Design = 7 to 10 business days

Remember, the TAT also depends on the number of revision requests you make.

Right on Final Design Files

You’ll be the absolute owner of the final files after the project gets completed. This is clearly mentioned on the Outlinematic website.

What About Printing of Packages?

After completion of your project, Outlinematic can help you tie-up with a reputed US-based package printing company.

So, Outlinematic doesn’t directly provide printing services but can help you get the same from their trusted partner.

Outlinematic Reviews

Let’s first head over to Facebook & see what Outlinematic clients are saying:

outlinematic reviews6

All in all, 27 Outlinematic clients have posted their reviews on Facebook. And, surprisingly, all of them have given 5 ratings to Outlinematic. That’s a rare achievement.

What about Google reviews? Let’s find out.

I can see that only one client has rated Outlinematic on Google. Here’s the snapshot of the same:

Taking into account the aforesaid reviews & my analysis, I’ve listed my likes & shortcomings of Outlinematic.

What I Like

I like the following about Oulinematic:

  • Awesome designs
  • Great communication & support
  • Affordable & fixed pricing
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Easy ordering process

What I Don’t Like

However, I don’t like the following about Outlinematic:

  • I would be great if Outlinematic can offer some kind of turnkey solution for Amazon sellers that includes photography, logo design, packaging design, listing services, etc. That’ll of great help to online sellers because they would be getting everthing under one roof.


There’re two notable alternatives to Outlinematic: Fiverr & Design99.

Fiverr is a freelance platform where freelancers have listed their services as ‘gigs’. Normally, these gigs are priced at $ 5 or $ 10. That means a design freelancer on Fiverr can design your product packaging for $ 5 or $ 10. I know that sounds weird.  Therefore, as far as customer reviews go, Fiverr isn’t in the good books. Nevertheless, Fiverr is a popular platform. But if you care about the quality of your work, then there’re way better options.

Design99 is a crowdsourcing design platform or marketplace. That means all you’ve to do there is list your project & wait for the designers to submit their designs to you. Out of all submissions, you can select the one that you like & close the project.

The biggest issue with using marketplaces like Design99 is the two-way communication between designer & the client. You simply won’t be able to explain your viewpoint & requirements the way you want. Not to mention, the revisions aren’t going to be easy.

In design projects, communication is the key. The ideas, vision & knowledge should flow freely from the designer to the client & vice-versa. And rightly so because it takes time, care & commitment to build a brand. Unfortunately, platforms like Fiverr & Design99 have commoditized the design industry.

Conclusion (Final Verdict)

Looking at the aforesaid reviews & my analysis, I would definitely award a 10 out of 10 to Outlinematic.

It’s a design agency that truly cares for its customers & delivers immense value.

Truth be told, branding isn’t a one-time exercise. You got to improve your brand experience on consistent basis. Steadily, one stuff at a time.

However, you got to start somewhere. I believe product packaging is a core part of the customer experience cycle. So, start with the same.

Take the first step & you’ll be amazed how easy it is to brand your product.

With an awesome branding, you’ll delight your customers & improve the bottom line in long run.

Brand. Delight. Sell.

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