Proof & Preview: The Most Powerful Duo In Marketing

How do you buy on Amazon?

Do you check reviews? If you’re like most buyers, your answer is likely “Yes”.

But why do you do so? That’s because you want a “Proof” that the product is good enough. The same theory applies to your business. Why should your customers buy your products? Are you supplying “proof” that your product is good enough?

Supply proof to your buyers is one of the following formats:

  • Text testimonials (You must have seen these on various websites)
  • Video testimonials (Works best if you’re selling high ticket products)
  • Reviews & ratings
  • Influencer endorsements
  • Celebrity endorsements
  • Statistics (number of customers, employees, or channel partners, etc)
  • Name of some of your biggest clients

Your pitch becomes more powerful if you add preview along with proof. The “preview” is nothing but a free taste of your product like free sample, free trial, free sign up, etc.

Shopify is one of the world’s biggest eCommerce platform that uses this proof & preview tactic brilliantly. Go to their home page & you’ll at once find the following:

  • Testimonials from delighted customers (in both text & video format)
  • Number of customers from across the globe (more than a million!)
  • Offering a 14-days no credit-card-required FREE trial
  • Screenshots of its products (that’s preview as well)
  • Number of sales generated on its platform ($155 billion)
  • Name of some of its biggest clients

That’s it.

Use the tactics in this post & share the results with me at

Waiting for your feedback.