How To Use Quora To Drive Insane Website Traffic

Imagine, you have built a website with a hope that it’ll drive a ton of leads for your business.

And then you noticed that you aren’t getting any visitors at first place!

Well, getting web traffic (especially the free ones) is not that easy as it seems. This is where Quora-like platforms step in.

Quora, with more than a whopping 200 million monthly active users, is one of the top free traffic generating tools for digital marketers across the globe.

Basically, Quora is a question-answer kind of forum where a user can post questions or reply to questions posted by other users. Besides the core feature, you can network or follow other users or topics that interest you.

A great thing about Quora is that the traffic it generates is long-term or passive in nature. So, do the hard work once & reap the benefits for the rest of your life. 

So, if you haven’t included Quora as a part of your marketing strategy then do it right away.

How do you actually drive real traffic from Quora? There are 3 core ways to do this:

  • By including website links in your answers
Quora traffic
  • Showcasing website links on your profile or bio page
Quora bio link
  • By building a loyal base of followers or fans
Quora followers

While the aforesaid 3 ways are fine to get you some views but, in this post, I am talking about INSANE TRAFFIC.

I am not talking about a few hundred but a hundred thousand views every month. It’s very much possible to drive such crazy numbers to your website if you use the following hacks effectively:


#1 Find High Traffic Questions

You simply cannot go out there on Quora & start answering all questions that come your way. If you do so, it would be a colossal waste of your time & effort.

Instead, focus on questions that:

  • Drive maximum views via search engines’ results
  • Get maximum shares on social media platforms
  • Create maximum buzz among Quora users

The aforesaid checklist for picking Questions will ensure that your answers get maximum exposure within & beyond Quora.

Questions Driven By Search Results

As far as traffic is concerned, Google search needs no introduction. Many a time, you may have found Quora threads in search results like this:

Quora in google search results

Quora questions that appear on top 5 of Google search results get mammoth number of views. Therefore, they should be ideal targets for your Quora traffic mission.

But, the issue is how do you get a list of Quora links that rank in Google for your keywords?

For this, you need to go to SEMrush, & enter in the search bar. Click on “Organic Search” tab. You will see a list of Quora links that rank in Google for various keywords.

Quora semrush

Now, you need to filter the aforesaid results as per your target keyword & position. I prefer targeting links that rank in top 5 of the search results.

Now, you should be having a list of Quora links for your target keyword that rank high in google search results.

Questions Driven By Social Shares

When it comes to web traffic, social media is only second to search engine. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram witness millions of links being shared everyday. Even Quora links get shared.

Now, how do you get a list of Quora links (for your keyword) that are getting maximum social shares?

For this, head over to BuzzSumo , type in + “your target keyword” in the search box & hit enter. That’s it, you have a list of Quora links that are getting maximum social shares.


Questions Driven By Buzz (on Quora Platform)

Last but not the least, you need to target the Quora links that are creating the maximum buzz among Quora users.

For this, do a Quora search for your target topic. On your target topic page, the feed shows up. There you have your list of questions that are driving maximum buzz among Quora users.

Quora trending questions

Save all your target questions in a spreadsheet. In the next step, we are going to talk about how to refine these high traffic questions.

#2 Shortlist The High Traffic Questions

In this step, we would be refining the high traffic questions generated in Step #1. This is required because you need to answer only those questions that have the potential to generate a lot of views.

Example: Imagine a high traffic question with a 1000 answers already fed. There are high chances that your answer will get buried & will never generate enough views.

To refine, you need to visit these high traffic questions’ links one-by-one. Ideally, you would like to shortlist only those questions that have:

  • High followers but less number of answers (As a thumb rule, number of followers should be five times more than the number of answers)

As you can see in the aforesaid example, the question is being followed by more than 1,700 people & has got only about 100 answers. So, the ratio of followers to answers is more than 5:1 which shows that the question is not that competitive.

  • Sub-standard answers

The second way to shortlist is to search for questions with sub-standard answers.

In the aforesaid question, the top answer is poorly written with no image, proof & structure. Plus, the answer is short & looks like a boring paragraph.

There we go. You have a high traffic question that has a poorly written answer at its top. Write a stellar answer & make it reach at the top!

#3 Answer Like A Pro

To stand out on Quora, you need to master the art of writing engaging answers.

Make sure your answers have the following:

  • Proper structure with bullets & numbering
  • A relevant image (preferably personal one or a celebrity’s)
  • A story (wherever applicable)
  • A relevant link (not always your own)
  • Proper length (Not that it always works)
  • Personal touch (Don’t write as if you are writing a corporate blog)

Some examples of good answers are:



So, to nail Quora traffic, you need to focus on just 3 areas: Finding target questions, Shortlisting target questions & then answering the shortlisted questions like a pro.

Also, I would also like to share some bonus tips as add-on to the aforesaid 3 strategies:

Add the following elements to your bio:

  • Social profile links
  • Website link
  • Free resources like e-book or report (in return for email)
  • Impressive credentials/Tagline
  • A personal image
  • Good description of your experience
  • Social proofs (like customer reviews)

How do you drive traffic from Quora? What do you think of the 3 aforesaid Quora traffic hacks? Comment below.

Wish you a very happy Quora traffic!