8 Weird Social Media Marketing Tips & Tricks That Actually Work

Before discussing social media marketing tips & tricks, let us first brush up the definition of social media marketing itself.

Social media marketing is all about promoting yourself, your brand or your business on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Needless to say, social media, in today’s age, has become a common man’s necessity. As per a report of GlobalWebIndex, internet users roughly spend 1 in every 3 minutes on social media platforms (while they are online).

This short video perfectly sums up our social media addiction:

It’s not that users only use social media to communicate with their friends. For them, social media is a virtual window to the outside world including their favorite brands. As per SproutSocial, about 50% millennials are following one or more brands on social media.

Therefore, from a business point of view, it becomes an absolute necessity to engage with your target audiences on social media.

There are various ways in which you can use social media to your business advantage:

  • Communicating with prospects
  • Addressing queries of your customers
  • Publishing announcement & news
  • Networking with industry influencers
  • Building an army of followers

Social media marketing has the following advantages over traditional offline marketing:

  • Comparatively cheaper (unless you opt for paid ads)
  • Easy to start
  • Rich user base
  • Data-driven analytics & tracking
  • Unlimited reach

With so many social media platforms out there, which of those are best suited for your business?

Well, it depends on several factors like industry, sector, target audience, demographics etc. Generally, the following equation fits well:

Social media marketing should be one of the top digital marketing strategies for startups & beginners. Why? Because it is simple, cheap & effective.

Following are some basic social media marketing tips for beginners:

  • Create a killer profile
  • Ask your friends & relatives to follow
  • Use visually appealing images & videos
  • Join groups or communities & engage in healthy discussion (Do not spam)
  • Don’t just talk about yourself. Post relevant industry news & happenings instead
  • Post good quality or unique stuff

With the aforesaid thoughts in mind, let us dive & explore some unique social media marketing tips & tricks.


1. Use Emojis To Catch Eyeballs

Social media is a noisy place with so many businesses trying to grab maximum share of eyeballs. In fact, as per statistics, 500 million tweets are tweeted on Twitter every single day!

So, how to make your brand’s voice get heard?

Enter Emojis 🙂

Emojis tend to work great to capture eyeballs because they are visually appealing. Also, they add an authenticity element to your posts.

Check out the twitter profile of Larry Kim, the founder of WordStream & MobileMonkey. He extensively uses emojis in his tweets & has found considerable success in doing so.

Look at the following sample tweet:

While browsing Twitter feed, will you stop & take a notice the aforesaid tweet? Yes, there are high chances you would.

2. Tag An Influencer

An influencer is a social media personality with a lot of influence on his or her followers.

Example: In the social media industry, Jeff Bullas is an influencer with over half a million twitter followers!

What do influencers do?. They create useful content, share & curate others’ content. Not to mention, they are also a great source of industry news & information.

Followers, generally, take actions of the advice & opinion of influencers. So, in short, I can say that the influencers influence the decisions of their followers.

But, how can influencers help you in your social media marketing goals? Simple. Let me explain.

Imagine, you wrote a piece of content about social media marketing. After publishing the content on your blog, you shared it on your facebook or twitter profile. Right? Now, what if you tag a well-known social media personality like Jeff Bullas (with your shared post)?.

As you must know, tagging a person sends him or her a notification. In the aforesaid case, Jeff Bullas would receive a notification saying that you have tagged him to your post.

Now what?

Jeff Bullas would look at your post & if he finds it interesting, he may re-tweet, like or share it with his followers. Boom!

Instantly, your post would stand exposed to a half a million people. 😀

Look at the following example:

Please note that an influencer must be getting a hundred tags every day. So, to stand out & catch the attention of the influencer, use convincing text & a visually appealing image or video.

3. Focus On The Social Part Of The Social Media

To test out this strategy, I created a new Instagram profile & posted 74 images (business tips & motivation).

In less than a couple of months, my number of Instagram followers swelled over more than 500 (without spending a penny). Note that, this number doesn’t include my friends, family members etc (I have a separate personal profile).

How did this happen?

Simple. All I did was spend some time on the Instagram platform, browse through some of my target audiences’ posts & engage with them (by liking their posts or commenting on them). So,

Let us break this strategy step-wise:

1st Step: Go to your Instagram profile & start posting some awesome content (related to your industry). This step will take a few days.

2nd Step: Enter your target hashtag (For example #business) in the Instagram search box. This will end up showing a list of recent posts with your target hashtags.

3rd Step: Browse across the posts & like/comment the posts you like.

4th Step: The authors of the posts (that you liked or commented on) will get a notification that you liked their posts. They will generally visit back your profile. If they find your posts interesting, they will start following you!

4. Post Frequently & Regularly

The concept here is simple.

The more posts you publish, the more impressions your posts would get.

I did an experiment with my twitter profile @realVishalGupta. In the month of March 2018, I posted around 54 tweets & got more than 28K impressions & 1849 profile visits.

Whereas in the month of April 2018, I just posted a single tweet. Here is my result for that month:

As can be seen in the aforesaid comparison, the more you post, the more engagement you would receive.

So, do you want more social media likes, followers & profile visits?. You know the secret now. Yes, be consistent & post some awesome content regularly.

5. Stir Controversy

Smart marketers use controversy as a tool to drive massive social traffic & engagement.

Look at how Neil Patel used a controversial marketing technique to launch his Instagram profile.

Adding the controversy element in your social media campaigns helps in the following:

  • Creating a buzz about you, your brand or business
  • Driving massive traffic to your social profiles
  • Increasing followers base & engagement metrics

But, how do you create controversies?. What are some best ways?. Try the following:

  • Take an opposite view to a generally accepted fact or information. Example: If everyone hates a particular politician than you can catch attention by supporting him or her.
  • Speak up about a ‘taboo’ subject of your industry. Example: If you are into food industry then talk about food adulteration.
  • Bust your industry myths. Example: If you are in SEO industry then say that link building is over-rated.

As you may know, Hashtags help to group or classify social media posts. Example: #apple

And, trending hashtags are those that are trending on a particular day or time. For example: On 1st January every year, #NewYear is a trending hashtag.

This strategy requires you to use trending hashtags in your posts so as to garner maximum exposure.

But, how do you get a list of trending hashtags?. I prefer using a tool called RiteTag. Using it, you can find popular/trending hashtags for your target keyword.

For example: If your target keyword is “Social Media Marketing” then enter the same in RiteTag search box & you would receive a list of trending hashtags for Instagram & Twitter.

Limit the number of hashtags to 2 in case of Twitter & about 6 or 7 for Instagram.

7. Run A Giveaway Contest

Giveaway is a great way to drive insane social media engagement. Why? Simply because people love free stuff.

Yes, this strategy would cost you some money. But, it will be worth.

For a successful giveaway contest, make sure that you follow the following tips:

  • Research & giveaway stuff that are related to your line of business
  • Set an easy condition to enter the competition (Example: You may say like “Like & share this photo to enter the giveaway competition”)
  • Use paid ads to promote your giveaway contest initially
  • Try a visually appealing photo or video

8. Ask People To Take Action

Most marketers do not use a call to action button or link on their social media posts.

This strategy works well with text as well as visual posts.

Look at the following example:

A call to action button or link invites the audiences to visit your landing or sales page. And, of course, sales or conversion is the ultimate goal of any business.

Some best practices for this strategy:

  • Talk about the value or benefits first. Place the button or link at the end of the post.
  • Make the button or link prominent (Preferably on an upper case)
  • Avoid lengthy URLs. Use URL shorteners instead
  • Use phrases like “Click here”, “Learn more” etc.
  • Do not reveal everything. Curiosity drives more clicks.


We have covered the following social media marketing tips & tricks:

  • Use Emojis To Catch Eyeballs
  • Tag An Influencer
  • Focus On The Social Part Of The Social Media
  • Post Frequently & Regularly
  • Stir Controversy
  • Catch On Trending Hashtags
  • Run A Giveaway Contest
  • Ask People To Take Action

The aforesaid strategies if used properly have the capabilities to skyrocket your social media traffic & engagement.

What do you think of the aforesaid social media marketing tips & tricks? Please comment below.