5 Unbeatable Advantages of Starting Up in a Small Town

Are you thinking of starting a business in a big town or city?

Then, please wait & think again!

Contrary to the popular belief, starting up in a small town has its own unbeatable advantages.

So, let’s plunge in & explore!

1. Lower Fixed Costs

You may enjoy lower fixed costs (like salary or rent) if you start up in a smaller town. These lower costs will result in better net profit numbers. As you may be aware, such cost savings will also give you enough surplus funds to invest in areas like branding or marketing.

2. Faster & Cheaper Transport

If you are looking for transport within the town limits, then smaller towns will give faster & cheaper options. Needless to say, transporting goods in a big town is a pain which results in more cost, effort & time. Smaller towns have distinct advantages like traffic-free roads, smaller vehicles & local transporters.

3. Easier & Cheaper Marketing

Marketing in a small town doesn’t require a sophisticated marketing team or agency or strategy. Simply visiting mom and pop stores & pitching your product would give you enough of sales or leads. Additionally, its easier to build a rapport or relationship with sellers in small towns.

4. Higher Demand

As far as demand is concerned, bigger towns are mostly saturated. Small towns are the next big thing with a lot of growth & buzz happening. So, go & grab this opportunity.

5. Higher Employee Satisfaction

Employees in a smaller town may enjoy some inherent benefits like lesser traveling time, better savings, fewer disturbances, work-life balance etc.