Tired of those newsletters that simply don't serve their purpose?

While you were promised newsletter, what you really get is ads, spam, automated email sequences, marketing, black friday offers, etccccc..... The worst part? They sell your email address to other marketers who in turn send more spam to your inbox. Oh! God!. Now, you know the reason why your inbox is getting clustered day-by-day.

I too have been a victim of those "newsletters". It's time to change that.

Enter The Bizain Newsletter. Yes, a heroic entry indeed. Time to save the world from the menace of these so-called "newsletters" :D

My newsletter is a newsletter with a difference. How?. Like most marketers, I don't treat my audience as a money-making "list" (Google "email list" & you'll come to know what I'm talking about).

You know what annoys me even more?. These marketers lure you into their email list by offering a "carrot". Example: A big banner on an online guru's website says: Enter your email address to download a PDF that shows how I made $ 100000000000 in a month. Out of curiosity, you enter your email address & become a part of their "list". You just gave them a lifetime permission to manipulate & sell products to you. You're not to be blamed, I too have fallen for these "carrots".

I hate the aforesaid marketing tactics to the core. Therefore, you won't find any widgets, popups, sign up forms, carrots, etc. on my website. It's clean & focuses only on content.

So, what's the deal with my newsletter? Simple. It's actually a newsletter.

Once a week, I'll be sharing a business story with you. Those stories will ignite & motivate you. No preachy stuff. Isn't there enough preachy stuff already out there (including my blog, LOL)?

And, yes, you can unsubscribe anytime by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link available at the bottom of each email.

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Vishal Gupta