Wix Restaurants Review: Online Ordering, Pricing, Demo & More

I understand. You want to build a website to market & showcase your restaurant. That’s why you’re here reading this Wix restaurants review.

In this era of cut-throat competition, it’s not easy to acquire & retain customers. And, when it comes to the restaurant industry, the competition is even much more.

Look at the stats: There’re a whopping 600,000+ restaurants in the US itself.

Yes, it’s tough to succeed at the restaurant business. And, that’s the reason why 90% of the new restaurants fail in the first year. The top reason being lack of repeat & new customers.

BUT, there’s a silver lining. With the emerging digital mediums, you can acquire & connect with customers in a better way. Hence, a website is required.

Your website can a great marketing & branding tool. Additionally, it can also help you to accept online orders & payment. In short, your restaurant website can impact your sales positively.

So, are you ready to digitize your restaurant & generate more sales?. Then, let’s jump right in.


Wix Templates

A template is what gives shape, look & structure to your website.

It’s same like what a skeleton is to your body. Got it?.

In fact, these website templates are the reasons why it has become so easy to create a website nowadays. All you need to do is sign up with a website builder like Wix, install a template, feed content & boom!. You’ve your brand new website ready in no time.

Of course, since you’ll be building a restaurant website, you need to install a restaurant template.

Luckily, Wix comes with a ton of beautiful & professionally designed restaurant templates that can help you to get started quickly.

So, how do you pick the right restaurant template?.  Which one will fit your business needs?.

Let me explain.

Ideally, you’ll like to install a template that:

  • Suits your business model (food truck, bar, fine dining, etc.)
  • Showcases the type of cuisine your restaurant deals in
  • Reflects your brand’s unique voice & style
  • Comes in-built & installed with apps & features you want
  • Is light & fast to load (for great user experience)
  • Looks beautiful & unique at the same time

Click here to have a look at the ready-made Wix restaurant templates (More than 30 in numbers).

wix restaurant review1
Hover over the template of your choice & click on “Edit” button to install the template.

Wix templates are categorized into various categories like business, online store, photography, etc. You can find restaurant templates under “Restaurants & food category”.

Under “restaurant & food category, you can find templates under various sub-categories like:

  • Catering & chef
  • Restaurant (Mainstream)
  • Cafe & bakery
  • Bar or club
  • Food & drinks

Most Wix templates are FREE of cost. But, still, there’re some premium ones that come at an extra price.

Yes, you can customize the template as per your needs. Example: You can change the font size, color, background, etc. using the Wix editor.

Restaurant Menus

Once, you’ve your restaurant template installed, time to create the menu. Yes, the restaurant menu your customers will browse & order the food from.

Now, how do you create menus?.

It’s simple.

Install a Wix app called “Wix restaurants menus” & feed content into it. Done!. Yes, literally. In fact, most restaurant templates come pre-packaged with this app. So, you may not really need to install this app separately.

Once you open the “Wix restaurant menu” app, you’ll have 4 major options:

  • Info
  • Settings
  • Layout
  • Design
wix restaurants review2

Under “Info” options, all you need is to feed your menu content i.e food items, their descriptions & prices by clicking on the “New menu page”. Alternatively, you can also choose the “Edit the menu” option to edit the menu page that comes pre-installed with the template.

Under the Wix menu, first, you need to create sections & then add dishes to those sections. Example: You may have sections like “Starters”, “Main course”, “Desserts”, etc. & specific dishes under those sections. Makes sense?.

wix restaurants review3
Adding a dish to your menu is just like adding a product to your eCommerce store.

Under the “Settings” option, you can choose your preferences like what extra options you want to show for your dishes. And, whether you want the menu to be visible to all visitors or not.

Under the “Layout” option, you can decide on the style & structure of your menu. Wix  supports the following menu layout options:

  • Classic
  • Yummy
  • Catalog
  • Hearty
  • Express
  • Slim
  • Gourmet
  • Fresh
  • Rich

I personally prefer the catalog style of menu & would like to recommend the same to you.

Last but not least, under the “Design” option, you can change the menu, section & labels background color & other design elements.

Table Reservations

Would you like your restaurant website to have the capability to accept table reservations?.

Well, then the “Wix reservations” app is the answer. Most restaurant templates already come pre-installed with this app.

Using the app, you can create a reservation form that can be used to accept table reservations from your customers.

Open the app & you would find the following 4 major options:

  • Info
  • Settings
  • Layout
  • Design

Under the “Info” option, you can click on “Manage reservations” to look at your upcoming table reservations.

The “Settings” menu will help you to configure your table reservations form elements like the title, description & buttons.

Under the “Layout” option, you can decide on the layout & alignment of your reservation form. Wix supports horizontal & vertical layout.

The “Design” option will help you to customize your form design elements like color, background, fonts, etc.

To be honest, I was a little disappointed with the lack of offline & online sync feature. What does that mean?. Imagine, your restaurant to be jam-packed & you still receive online reservations. Got my point?. There should be a feature that allows you to sync your offline & online reservations.

Additionally, to avoid fake bookings, Wix should integrate the payment option with table reservation app. That means the customers will have to pay a small token amount upfront in order to book a table.

Hopefully, Wix will look into that.

Wix Restaurant Online Ordering System

This is one of the best features available for Wix restaurants. Using this, you can accept & manage online orders from your customers.

Online orders can be categorized into 2 modes: Delivery & PickUp. (I’ll talk more about this later).

To empower your Wix restaurant website to take online orders, you’ll need to install “Wix Restaurant Orders“. Yes, for most restaurant templates, this app should already be pre-installed.

Open the app & you’ll find these 4 core options:

  • Info
  • Settings
  • Layout
  • Design

Under the “Info” option, you’ll be asked whether you want to turn on the online ordering option. Of course, you do.

wix restaurants review4

The “Settings” option will help you configure what elements you want to show on the order form.

Under “Layout” option, you can set the order form layout to either Grid or List format.

With the “Design” option, you can change the style elements of the order form.

Click here to take a virtual tour of the Wix online ordering system.

Food Delivery & PickUp

As already discussed, you’ve two ways to fulfill your online orders: Delivery & Pick-Up.

Delivery means you deliver the online order to the customers to his or her place. Wherever Pick-Up means that the customer picks up his or her order by visiting the restaurant.

Don’t you want to give these 2 options to your customers on the order form itself?. Yes, you do. But, how?.

Let me explain.

It’s actually quite simple. Once you turn on the online ordering option (under “Info”), you’ll find options to configure the pickup & delivery options.

wix restaurants review5
Click on the options to configure.

Under the pickup option, you can set up:

  • Pickup turnaround time (shown at checkout)
  • Whether you accept orders after open hours

Whereas under the delivery option, you can set up:

  • Area radius of your delivery

Payment Options

Of course, to submit online orders, your customers need to pay.

So, what’re the payment options available under Wix?. And, more importantly, how to configure the same?.

Primarily, there’re two modes of collection payment from customers:

  • Cash
  • Card

Cash means your customers will pay cash on delivery of their orders or at the time of pickup.

On the other hand, Card means your customers will upfront using their credit or debit card at the time of placing the order. To accept cards from your customers, you need to have a payment gateway (like Stripe, PayPal, etc.) installed on your restaurant website. Wix makes it easy since it’s already pre-integrated with many popular payment gateways.

Now, how do you configure the payment options?.

Let’s find out.

As you turn on online ordering option under the “Info” option of the “Wix restaurants orders” app, you’ll see an option of setting the payment method.

Here’s how it looks:

wix restaurants review6
Turn on the cards option if you wish to accept credit & debit cards.
Open an account with the preferred payment gateway & select the same here.

Here’s the best part:

You’ll also find an option to:

  • To accept tips on the card payments
  • Activate split billing option (For customers who order as a group by using more than 1 credit card)
  • Turn on the SMS validation option (Require customers to validate their mobile numbers to avoid fake cash orders)


Express Checkout

Express checkout enables your repeat customers to quickly checkout without having to enter their same details every time they order.

The advantage?. Happy customers.

So, how do you enable this express checkout?.

Simple. Once you turn on the online ordering option in the “Info” section of the “Wix restaurants ordering” app, you’ll find the way out under the “Advanced” menu.

Basically, what this express checkout option does is that it saves customers’ & the orders’ details for logged in customers. So, when the customer logs in again, the order form gets pre-filled & previous order history is shown (if the customer wishes to order the same dish again).


Wix Dashboard

Wix dashboard is a place from where you can monitor all your restaurant activities like orders, notifications, dish inventory, etc.

Here’s how it looks:

wix restaurants review8
Everything at one place.

You’ll find the following main menus on Wix dashboard:

  • Restaurant menus
  • Restaurant orders
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Blog

Under “Restaurant menus”, you can view/update your present dishes & their inventories. And, under “Restaurant orders”, you can view & fulfill your pending online orders.

Whereas, “Restaurant reservations” will give you updated information on upcoming table resevations.

The “Blog” is where you can update your customers on the upcoming events or latest news.

Order Notifications

Apart from the dashboard, you would also like to receive online order notifications on other channels?. Won’t you?.

Yes, of course. Because, it’s not possible to stay glued on the Wix dashboard always.

Wix makes it possible to receive order notifications via:

  • Email
  • Text
  • Print
  • Fax
  • Phonecall
  • Webhook

To configure notifications, go to “Online ordering” & then to “Notifications” from the dashboard. And, then click to “Extra notification” to add a new notification channel.

Wix Restaurants App

Wait, what!. There’s a Wix app to help you monitor your restaurant orders & reservations on the go.

If you want to manage your restaurant from the smartphone then this is the best way out.

The Wix Restaurants App.

Here’s the Android link to the app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wix.restaurants.dashboard&hl=en_US

And, here’s the iOS link to the app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wix-restaurants/id1132968329?mt=8

This app will help you to:

  • Manage your orders from your phone
  • View order details & history
  • Email, print or fax orders

To install the app, simply go to the aforesaid link(from your phone) & click on “Install” button. Of course, after installation, you’ll need to connect the app with your Wix website by entering credentials by email & password.


How do you convert more of your restaurant website visitors into customers?.

Simple. By building trust. Isn’t it?.

The first-time visitor (to your website) may not know about you or your dishes. How would you convince them to buy?.

That’s where testimonials step in.

Testimonials are nothing but written or visual positive feedback from your raving fans.

The idea is simple. Show these testimonials on the Wix restaurant website’s home page or footer. Those’ll help to improve your website conversion rate.

You can add testimonials to your restaurant website simply by installing an app called “Inffuse Testimonials“. Note that some restaurant templates already come pre-installed with this app.

Following are the features of this testimonial app:

  • Multiple templates available
  • Responsive design (Testimonials will look great on any device)
  • Import testimonials from Facebook, twitter & yelp social media accounts

I personally prefer adding testimonials as a part of a slider. They look great & are easy to scroll as an user.

Social Media Channels

I bet that most (if not all) of your customers or website visitors would be spending most of their digital time on social media platforms. Agree?.

So, why not connect with them where they hang out?. That can be done by simply adding your social media pages’ links or icons on your Wix restaurant website.

How?. All you need to do is add an app called “Restaurant social bar“.

This app can add social links to your profiles or pages. Here’re some highlights of this app:

  • Supports more than 50+ social media platforms
  • Change the background color & icon shape as you like
  • Animations supported

This app is FREE of cost.

Google Maps Listing

Want your restaurant to have better visibility on Google maps?. Or, do you want your customers to easily find your restaurant using Google maps?.

The, Wix has got a solution for you.

Listing on Google maps ensures easy discovery of your restaurant & its website.

Go to the Wix editor & click on “Add” button on the left. Scroll down after clicking on more. There we go. You’ll find a bunch of Google maps template & styling to add to your website.

Remember, you need to first list your restaurant on “Google my business” before proceeding with Google maps on Wix.

Yelp Review Sync

Yelp is one of the largest online restaurant directories out there. Listing your food business on Yelp means more visibility & footfall.

So, wouldn’t it be great if your Yelp account is synced with your Wix account?. That means your Yelp ratings & reviews will automatically be imported & shown on your restaurant website.

Customers trust Yelp as it’s a recognizable brand so showing reviews from the same will help you convert website visitors into customers.

To do this, install an app called “Yelp” from the Wix app market. It’s a simple & easy-to-use app.

Yes, you can customize the look & style of the Yelp reviews.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Simply making a website won’t make people visit the website automatically. How would the audience discover & know about your restaurant?.

Apart from marketing & word-of-mouth, search engines like Google can drive thousands of visitors to your Wix restaurant website. BUT, it’s not as easy at it seems.

Ranking on Google requires that you optimize your website for search engines. That optimization is called Search engine optimization (SEO). Luckily, Wix comes with an in-built SEO wizard that can help magically optimize your website for search engines.

Note that the concept of SEO revolves around keywords. Keywords are nothing but words that people use to search for online information.

Example: If someone wants to go out for lunch or dinner in Chicago, he or she may search using the keyword “Best restaurant in Chicago”. Makes sense?

This is how SEO works in Wix:

On the Wix dashboard, click on “Get found on Google” link. Thereafter, Wix will redirect to a series of questionnaires that you need to fill in. Based, on your answers, Wix will automatically optimize your website for SEO.

In the questionnaire, you’ll have to answer the following questions:

  • Your business or site name (Preferably should include your target keyword)
  • Your restaurant location
  • Your target keyword phrases

Once you’ve answers to aforesaid questions submitted, Wix will prepare a SEO plan for your restaurant website.

The SEO plan is a step-by-step form that you need to fill in to strengthen your SEO game:

  • Homepage title
  • Homepage metadescription
  • Homepage text
  • Image alt text
  • Contact info
  • Social links
  • Blog

Remember, SEO is not an overnight traffic generation strategy. You need to consistently work on it to see results in the long-term.

Wix Restaurant Pricing

How much does it cost to build a restaurant website with Wix?.

Let’s find out.

Wix account itself comes with a FREE plan. That means you can get started with Wix for FREE. But the FREE plan comes with a few limitations like you can’t have your own domain name (www.yourrestaurantname.com). Instead, you’ll have to use a Wix branded domain name like yourrestaurantname.wixsite.com.

Also, a FREE plan comes with in-built Wix ads that will be shown to your customers.

So, if you want your own custom domain name & ad-free experience for your users then choose one of the following plans:

ComboUnlimitedVIPMonthly Price$ 14.50 Per Month$ 17.50 Per Month$ 35 Per MonthYearly Price*$ 11 Per Month$ 14 Per Month$ 29 Per MonthKey FeaturesFree domain name, Ad-Free & Premium SupportUnlimited bandwidthProfessional Site Review

*If you pay for a year in advance or upfront.

Note that the aforesaid pricing plan is applicable to the USA. The pricing may change based on your location. In fact, in India, you can get a Wix premium plan at as low as Rs. 50 per month (Indian rupee).

And, what about the apps?. Do they cost anything extra?.

Here’s the deal:

All restaurant apps mentioned in this come FREE of cost along with the Wix premium plans (Combo, unlimited & VIP)

So, in order to set up a full-fledged powerful Wix restaurant website, all you need to spend is $ 14 or $ 11 a month (combo plan).

Important: Wix does NOT charge anything extra as commission for online orders or sales. The monthly fee as per your plan is the only amount you need to pay.

I won’t recommend the FREE Wix plan to anyone serious about building his or her business. Why?. Because of the limitations on using an own branded domain name & poor user experience.

Click here to go to the official Wix pricing page.

For beginners, the best way out is to start with a combo plan & as / when your business grows, switch to a higher plan.

Users’ Reviews

If you don’t already know then Wix is one of the world’s most popular & trusted website builders.

More than 3.3 million websites around the globe have been built on the Wix platform. Out of those numbers, more than 100,000 Wix websites are restaurants.

Having said that, let’s explore a few user reviews to help you decide if the Wix restaurant is really a good fit for your business.

A Wix restaurants review posted on Reddit.
A Wix restaurants review posted on Twitter.
A Wix restaurants review posted on Twitter.

Wix has been rated 4.5 out of 5 on independent review website Capterra.

Wix Restaurants Demo

Here’s a list of restaurants built using Wix:


The world is going digital. So should your restaurant as well. A well-crafted website will help you spread your brand identity among your target audiences.

Imagine two restaurants: One with a feature-packed website & another not having a website. Which restaurant are you going to trust more?. Exactly.

So, start with the first step. Sign up for an account on Wix. Choose a restaurant template & feed your dishes. It’s not as tough as you think.

I’m sure your loyal customers & fans will love your website. The joy of ordering your favorite dish from the comfort of the home, exploring the digital menu of your favorite restaurant, connecting with your favorite kitchen on social media, etc. is something only a raving fan can feel or understand.

Also, the website is almost a sure-shot way to attract new customers to your restaurant (if you get traffic).

Delicious Food + Yummy Website = Restaurant Success Recipe 😀