Wrike Pricing Tiers 2021 : Is It THAT Good?

Wrike's pricing tiers are as follows:

  • FREE plan: $ 0 per user per month (5 users)
  • Professional plan: $ 9.80 per user per month (15 users)
  • Business plan: $ 24.80 per user per month (200 users)
  • Enterprise plan: Contact Wrike (Unlimited users)

The professional, business & enterprise plans are best suited for startups, growing businesses & established businesses respectively.

Wrike Pricing Tiers

Click here to go to the official pricing page of Wrike.

Apart from the aforesaid plans, Wrike also has got special pricing plans for marketers & service providers.

  • Wrike Marketers plan: Contact Wrike (200 or unlimited users)
  • Wrike Professional services plan: Contact Wrike (200 or unlimited users)

Note that Wrike's pricing plans are based on both features & number of users. So, with a higher pricing plan like business or enterprise, you get more features & the freedom to add more number of users.

Wrike also supports various add-on features like resource, proof, publish, integrate, analyze, lock & two-way sync with github or jira. These add-ons can be added to any of the existing plans on stand-alone basis. For example: You're on the professional plan but would like to avail the Wrike Publish feature without upgrading to the business plan. That's possible if you buy Wrike Publish as an add-on feature over your existing professional plan. Makes sense?

Wrike offers a 14-days FREE trial on its professional, business & enterprise plans.



The key features of this plan are:

  • $ 0 per user per month
  • Maximum of 5 users allowed
  • Board or spreadsheet view of tasks
  • Task management with simple drag-and-drop
  • Live activity stream, commenting & discussion
  • Integrations with Google drive, dropbox & onedrive
  • Desktop & mobile apps

This FREE plan is most suitable for small businesses with a maximum of 5 employees. It has got all the basic features you need to manage & streamline tasks across your organization. No, you can't add stand-alone or add-on features to this FREE plan.

Click here to take a virtual tour of the FREE plan.

Professional Plan

The key features of this plan are:

  • $ 9.80 per user per month
  • Maximum of 15 users allowed
  • All features of the FREE plan included+
  • Sub-tasks management. This helps you to break large tasks into many sub-tasks & assign the same to your users.
  • Gantt chart. It's a chart that shows you the project tasks' & substasks' schedules. A great way to visualize a project's timeline.
  • Advanced integration with Microsoft project & excel
  • Add external collaborators like clients & contractors
  • Storage space of 15 GB (for video uploads)

This professional plan is best suited for startups with a maximum of 15 users or employees. It's got robust task & sub-tasks management features that helps you to manage your projects seamlessly. Yes, you can also add stand-alone or add-on features to the professional plan, if you wish to.

Click here to take a virtual tour of the professional plan.

Business Plan

The key features of this plan are:

  • $ 24.80 per user per month
  • Maximum of 200 users allowed
  • All features of the professional plan +
  • Ability to customize fields & workflows. These custom fields can be added over & above the standard fields. Example: You may want to track the expenses related to a task, for that, you can add a custom field. Also, you can customize workflows to suit your needs. Example: You may want all your tasks be checked by a user & approved (default) by another user. That's possible by customizing the task approval workflow.
  • Graphical analysis of a project with the help of graphs & charts
  • Schedule project status reports & share them via emails
  • Customize the templates of project reports
  • Calendar management. Helps you to plan, schedule & assign tasks by taking workload into account.
  • Request forms. These are the forms used to raise a request internally. Example: A marketer may raise a request for a new marketing video. Wrike automatically creates a task or a project when a new request is submitted.
  • Project, task & sub-task approval. This is a powerful feature that adds a multi-step approval mechanism to your projects, tasks & sub-tasks. Its helpful is avoiding error & ensuring quality of the tasks or projects executed.
  • Time tracking & reporting. This feature is especially helpful for service providers who bill their clients based on the number of hours worked. Using this feature, you can track time for project, tasks & sub-tasks seamlessly.
  • Group your users & allow permissions accordingly. You can group your users based on their functions or departments like accounting, marketing, HR etc. The best part? You can also allot permissions to each group to view only projects, tasks & sub-tasks related to their group.
  • Integration with SalesForce. As you may be aware, SalesForce is one of the most popular CRM softwares for growing organization. Integrating Wrike with SalesForce makes your project management initiatives ever more powerful.
  • Branded dashboard. You can replace Wrike's logo with your own logo.
  • 50 GB of storage space to store documents
  • 15 GB of storage space for videos

This business plan is best suited for growing businesses having not more than 200 employees. With powerful customization features, you can run the show the way you want. Adding custom fields, workflows & reports will go a long way in managing projects in a way that suits your organization needs. Yes, with this plan, you can also add stand-alone or add-on features if you wish to.

Click here to take a virtual tour of the business plan.

Enterprise Plan

The key features of this plan are:

  • Contact Wrike for pricing (not publicly revealed)
  • Unlimited users
  • All features of the professional & the business plan +
  • Single sign-on (SSO). Using this feature, you can allow your users to sign into Wrike using their Microsoft or Google accounts.
  • Two-factor authentication login. This helps users to secure their account with auto-generated codes. These codes are generated on real-time basis using apps like Google Authenticator.
  • Password policies. You can define custom password policies to force users to keep a strong password for their accounts. Example: a combination of texts, numbers & symbols.
  • Custom permissions for admins. You can allocate different permissions to different admins.
  • User log reports. You can download user log reports that tracks activities(including sign-in) of all users & admin.
  • Whitelist IP addresses. You can add a list of IP addresses that will be allowed to access the Wrike accounts.
  • API integration. You can manually integrate any app with your Wrike account using Wrike's API keys.
  • 100 GB of document storage space
  • 15 GB of video storage space

This enterprise plan is best suited for established organization with more than 200 employees. The advanced security, permission & integration features of this plan ensures that your organization data remain safe & at the same time integrate with 3rd party apps. Yes, you can add a stand-alone feature over & above this enterprise plan.

Click here to take a virtual tour of the enterprise plan.

Marketers Plan

Following are the features of this plan:

  • Contact Wrike for pricing (not publicly revealed)
  • Upto 200 or unlimited users
  • Used as a top-up to the professional or business plan
  • Wrike proof (discussed below under "add-on features")
  • Wrike integration with Adobe Creative Cloud. Perfect for review & approval of digital assets.
  • Dashboard & templates pre-configured as per the requirements of a standard marketing team.
  • Wrike publish (discussed below under "add-on features")

Needless to say, this plan is best suited for marketing teams that require a strong digital management features for their marketing assets like images, documents, videos, etc.

Click here to take a virtual tour of the marketers plan.

Professional Services Plan

The features of this plan are:

  • Contact Wrike for pricing (not revealed publicly)
  • Upto 200 or unlimited users
  • Used as a top-up to the professional or the business plan
  • Wrike resource (discussed below under "add-on features")
  • Wrike integration with Adobe Creative Cloud. Perfect for review & approval of digital assets.
  • Dashboard & templates pre-configured as per the requirements of a standard service team

This professional services plan is best suited for services providers that require robust management & planning of their resource (employees & time).

Click here to take a virtual tour of the professional services plan.

Add-On Features

Apart from the aforesaid standard plans, Wrike also supports a few stand alone or add-on features that can be added over & above any paid plan. These add-on features are:

Wrike Resources

This feature helps you to overview the availability & workload of your resources (employees' time). Thus, making your workforce more productive. Also, this helps you to allot the right project to the right person. Prior to allocating a project or task to an employee, you'll have a clear overview her priorities, upcoming tasks & available time in-between.

This feature also becomes handy at the time of setting timeline for your new projects. Example: You can quote the exact timeline for completion of your new project to your client.

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Wrike Proof

This feature helps you to manage the revision, editing & approval process of your creative assets like images, presentation, videos, etc. more effectively. Instead of back & forth emails, Wrike helps to revise creative assets on the go with features like version control, approvers, guest approvers (invite approvers from your agency), real-time feedback & commenting.

As already discussed, this feature is especially helpful to marketing teams who spend a lot of time in creating, editing & revising their visual marketing assets.

Wrike Publish

Wrike has partnered with MediaValet, a digital asset management solution provider. Using Wrike publish, you can store & retrieve assets like PDF, word document, images or video from one central location. You can also assign these assets directly to tasks with a click of a button.

Wrike Integrate

Using this feature, you can connect Wrike with as many as 400+ apps like SalesForce, Quickbooks, Google Calendar, Wordpress, Outlook, etc. No, there isn't any limit on the number of apps that you can connect. This helps you to sync Wrike data with 3rd apps & also customize your workflow with external data.

Example: A completed project in Wrike automatically creates an invoice in Quickbooks.

Example: An opportunity in SalesForce automatically creates a new project in Wrike.

Note that, these integrations are in-built, so you don't need coding skills to use this feature.

Wrike Analyze

Using this feature, you can visualize your Wrike data in 15 different ways like polar chart, pie chart, column chart, bar chart, area chart, line chart, table, tree map, heat map, etc. This feature also comes with a dashboard that helps you to overall visualize the progress of all your projects.

You can also create custom advanced report template to filter the exact data you want. This makes Wrike Analyze reports as powerful as a spreadsheet report.

Wrike Lock

This feature adds an extra layer of encryption to secure your Wrike data. Remember, Wrike, by default, comes with enterprise-grade security (for all plans) However, getting Wrike Lock with help you have more control on your data.

Projects, tasks, sub-tasks, comments & attachments can be encrypted with Wrike Lock. So, in short, you don't need to worry even if your data is in a cloud app. With this feature, your data is secured as if its stored on-premise. It's you who will decide how the encrypted data can be decoded or accessed.

2-Way Sync With GitHub & Jira

Github & Jira are two of the most popular apps for software collaboration & development. Using them, you can manage your codes or programs effectively. With Wrike's 2 way sync, you don't need to create duplicate records. Everything is synced & automated.

Example: You can automatically create a new task in Wrike if an employee creates a pull request in Github.

Is Wrike Worth It?

Prima facie, Wrike looks similar to other project management apps. However, if you really dig hard, you'll come to know that Wrike is one of most powerful work management apps out there. Most other apps features only extend to managing tasks & projects trails effectively. But, Wrike is much more than just managing tasks. It's an eco-system to manage your business resources & processes productively.

Following are some of the features that differentiate Wrike with other apps:

  • Gantt charts (the swiss army knife to manage your project schedules) & graphical analytics
  • 400+ in-built integrations with 3rd party apps
  • 24*7 support via chat, email & phone
  • Affordable (FREE plan + the professional plan costs just $ 9.80 per user per month)
  • Custom fields & workflows
  • Custom add-on features
  • Digital asset management
  • Custom templates for custom reports
  • Collaboration with guest approvers or collaboraters like clients or contractors
  • Enhanced security with SSO, two-factor authentication, permissions & password policies
  • Grouping of users
  • Time tracking
  • Document collaboration

Click here to go to the Wrike website.

Here's are the Wrike reviews I pulled from Twitter & 3rd party review sites:

Dan Stratton ran an opinion poll on Twitter to determine the best project & team management app. Not a surprise, Wrike turned out to be a winner.
One of Wrike's clients praising Wrike by saying "it keeps us organized & increases our efficiency".
One of Wrike's new users impressed with Wrike.
Wrike's collaboration feature brings all feedback, comments & opinion at one place. Yes, its so useful. That's what Brad is talking about.
A complex project involves numerous dependable tasks & sub-tasks. Wrike helps you to streamline everything & track the progress of your projects in real-time.
She tried Wrike for the first time & was so impressed that she shared her experience on Twitter.

Wrike has been rated 4.2 (out of 5) by more than 1578 Wrike users on Capterra, a 3rd party review site.

Wrike Pricing Tiers

Wrike has been rated 4.2 (out of 5) by more than 1135 Wrike users on G2, a 3rd party review site.

Wrike also has been rated 4.6 (out of 5) by more than 41 users on FinancesOnline, a 3rd party review site.

Click here to schedule a FREE consultation with Wrike's sales team.

Wrike counts some of the World's biggest companies like Google, Hootsuite, Mars, Loreal, Tiffany & Co., Hawaiian Airtlines as its clients.

Wrike's about page also claims to serving more than 15,000 clients from across the World.

Is Wrike Secure?

All Wrike pricing plans come with enterprise-grade security. That means your data is safe & secured in Wrike's cloud servers. Here're some of the actionable steps taken by Wrike to further secure your data:

  • Data stored at certified data centers
  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed
  • Regular data backup
  • Network security infrastructure with intrusion detection & prevention systems
  • Regular updates & bug patches
  • User authentication with encrypted passwords, password policies, 2 factor authentication & SSO

For encrypting your task, comments or digital assets, you can use the Wrike Lock feature. Remember, all passwords are encrypted by default (you don't need Wrike lock for this).

Is There a Free Version of Wrike?

Yes, Wrike comes with a generous FREE plan with basic task management features. I've already discussed about this earlier in this post.

How Long is Wrike's Free Trial?

Wrike's all paid plans come with a 14-days FREE trial. That's a good way to try Wrike & see if it fits your needs.

What Are Wrike Add-On Features?

Wrike add-on features like Wrike resources, publish, lock, etc. are additionally features that you can have along with the basic paid plans. Example: The business plan + Wrike resource. Makes sense?

Yes, these add-on features come at extra cost. Contact Wrike for their pricing.

Is Wrike Cloud Based?

Yes, Wrike is cloud based. That means Wrike's data is stored on Wrike servers & can be accessed from anywhere in the World by either logging into Wrike account on desktop or the mobile app.

Does Wrike Integrate With Slack?

Yes, Wrike comes with in-built integration with Slack.

How Do I Delete My Wrike Account?

You can delete your Wrike account by going to your profile picture > Account management > Settings tab > Delete my account.

In case of an issue, you can open a chat with Wrike's support team.

Is Wrike Open Source?

No, Wrike's isn't open-source. That's because Wrike is a for-profit company & its codes or programs cannot be written or modified by users/public.

What Are The Payment Modes Accepted By Wrike?

Wrike accepts all major debit & credit cards for payment.

Will I Be Automatically Charged At The End of Free Trial?

Yes, you'll automatically be charged at the end of FREE trial. You can cancel your account anytime before the trial ends.

Can I Upgrade or Downgrade My Plan?

Of course. Why not?


I know. Managing people & projects is tough. There're a number of activities taking place every minute. Its overwhelming.

However, with a project management tool like Wrike, its possible to streamline every activity in your organization. And, make all your processes & people more efficient or productive. So, what're you waiting for? Go take your first step, open an account on Wrike & see how things go.

If done correctly, Wrike can make your organization super-efficient. Yes, more work in less time. And, more importantly, that peace of mind you've been always craving for.

Streamline. Organize. Manage.